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Hold On To The Love, Do Not Kill The Honeymoon Phase

Hold On To The Love, Do Not Kill The Honeymoon Phase

The feelings of butterfly in the tummy, the love that stares right back at me, and the way the man adores and kisses the ground I walk on are some things I miss in a relationship.


This phase is called the honeymoon phase. Honestly, will the relationship continually feel like a day in Disney land, I doubt it. Somehow, life happens, the daily hustle often takes away the giddy feelings.

However, you do not have to make the honeymoon phase fade away too quickly. There are ways to make each moment count with your partner despite the bustles and noise that goes on in your life.

That moment you both come back from work and discuss the way work went, the things that made you laugh and angry, that moment is priceless. It enables you both to see through each other’s eyes, you understand the way they work, the way they think, the way they relate with their team members. Communication strengthens the relationship, when you have issues and talk through them, it builds a strong bond and of course, a better sex life.

Sex (If you are active)
It is easy to have a boring sex life once you are deep in a relationship, often, you get carried away with life, responsibilities and so much more. The honeymoon phase lasts longer when you are intentional about your sex life, you try new things together, and discuss things you do not like during sex. Regular sex makes both of you produce more libido-revving testosterone so you’ll start going at it like rabbits even without a schedule.

Go out
When you hang out together, you have a better connection. You get to understand what tickles their fancy, what they love to eat, and their choice of drink. It is cool to get drunk together (if you take alcohol) once in a while too. Play like children, share laughter, go for a walk and just consider any outdoor activities.

As much as you would love to be with them all the time, it is okay to give each other space. When you spend time apart, you miss your partner and long to see them again. Time spent apart means having more things to discuss when you are together. Also, you need your friends even when you have a relationship, this allows you and your significant other not to get choked by each other’s presence.

Grow together
There is a sweet feeling that comes with pushing each other to be better and do better. When you look out for their growth, they appreciate you better. Being in a better place allows the two of you to afford things needed to make the relationship smooth. You can afford to go on vacation together, share gifts, and other nice things. You challenge each other and nothing feels good than that.

The honeymoon phase in a relationship does not need to end after the first month, you can have it for as long as you want.

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