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How To Easily Prepare Mouth Watering Efo Riro

Vegetable soup/sauce which popularly goes by ‘Eforiro’ in Nigeria, is packed with so many nutrients and is a complete delight to your taste buds. For this particular recipe, I am making this eforiro the Yoruba way which includes iru (locust beans), kponmo and others.
Best swallow to try it with? I recommend unripe plantain swallow anytime.



• Beef
• Shaki (Cow tripe)
• Kponmo
• Smoked fish
• Dry fish
• Stock fish
• ½ cup of palm oil
• Efo (Shoko/Green/Spinach)
• Pepper/Tomatoes (pureed)
• 2 tbsps of ground crayfish
• 2 onion bulbs
• Stock cubes
• 1 tbsp of locust beans (iru)


1. Place the shaki, meat, ponmo in a pot, add seasoning cubes, salt and onions, let simmer on low heat for five minutes then add some water and continue cooking, keep topping up with water until your meat is tender.

2. In another pot, half a cup of palm oil and heat up for about five minutes (please, be careful not to bleach the oil). Once hot enough, pour in onions.

3. Pour in blended tomatoes/pepper puree and fry till the water dries.

4. Add locust beans, crayfish, dry fish/stockfish, kpanla, cover and let cook for
5. Add the cooked meat and fish, stir and let simmer for about seven minutes.
6. Add the chopped vegetables, switch off your burner and cover the pot.
7. Serve as desired.

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