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How To Keep Warm During Rainy Season

It is that time of the year filled with lots of rain which automatically makes the weather cold all around. However, the weather can be quite tricky and unpredictable this time; it could go from sunny to rainy real quick.

This is one of the reasons why we have to be adequately prepared. Even though we would rather just wish to remain indoors always while the cold season lasts, these tips should be taken into consideration.


Wear Warm Clothing
Since the weather is unpredictable, it is advisable to dress warm enough so even if it rains, you won’t be too cold. You can as well keep an extra piece of clothing (sweater or jackets and a scarf) in your bag and always have an umbrella handy. If it’s raining, make sure your outerwear and footwear are suitable.

This is also the season to invest in rubber shoes or jelly slides as it’s popularly called, make sure you purchase a pair or two.
Furthermore, avoid water-penetrated clothes because it can decrease your body temperature and put you at high risk of catching a cold. Also, ensure you avoid too-tight shoes because it only constricts blood flow thereby causing your feet to become even colder.

Eat Healthily
In order to avoid potential health risks associated with extremely cold weather, eat at least one hot meal a day to help regulate your body temperature.
Hearty meals that contain healthy carbs and fats can help warm you up more from the inside-out. Try soups, spicy foods to fend off the chill! Meals with vitamins are also advisable, so your immune systems stay boosted to ward off flu.

Also, regularly drinking hot drinks like tea (preferably some green tea) or coffee will help too.
The bottom line is, you get to keep your insides warm enough to ward off the cold and stay healthy.

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