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How To Make Pawpaw Drink and Its Health Importance

Paw paw

Pawpaw, known as Papaya, and  has also been called fruit of the angels because it is extremely rich in Vitamin C.

It has a wide range of health benefits making it a great fruit option to include in your diet. Here is how to make pawpaw drink:



1 small ripe pawpaw (halved and seeded)

2 oranges (juiced)

Lime (1 small size)

Fresh Ginger (peeled)

Honey (3 table spoons)

Ice cube (as desired)

Before you start, cover your hair, wash your hands properly, wash, peel and seed the pawpaw.


First, you peel the oranges and squeeze out the juice, the same thing is applicable to the lime.

After the orange has been taken care of, you will rinse the ginger, peel and chop into smaller pieces.

Lastly, you will add all ingredients in blender and blend.

Serve immediately.

Health Importance of Pawpaw

Pawpaw has anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to reduce the severity of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and help in quick recovery from sport injuries and common cold.

It also contains antioxidants for prevention of cancer, heart diseases.

It has potassium, vitamin C, protein and riboflavin.

It also helps in weight loss because it has low calories while clearing bowel movement.

In addition, Pawpaw boost immunity because of its high Vitamin C and Vitamin C is helpful in boosting immunity.

Furthermore, Pawpaw can also aid your eye from degenerating. The Vitamin A present in Pawpaw is highly useful for the eye.

Here is something for the ladies, Papaya helps to reduce menstrual pain. An enzyme called papain helps to regulate blood flow during menstrual pains.

There are other health importance of Pawpaw that has not been mentioned in this post. You can drop them in the comment for others to also learn.

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