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How To Minimise Your Time On Social Media

Social media undoubtedly has its importance which ranges from instant messaging, socialising and business. But its disadvantage cannot be downplayed. It has been warned that social media accounts for the reason most people are unhealthy physically and mentally and psychologically.

Although a lot of people earn their living through the constant use of social media, others whose health is affected by the use of these platforms best minimise their usage time. A lot of people are social media addicts and find it difficult almost impossible to take a break from it.

Instagram which is the Facebook-owned photo-messaging app, has created a new feature called “Your Activity” which will track how much time a user spends on the app. This feature is embedded in the “hamburger” icon on the upper right corner of your profile page, the feature has tools that will enable the user to set daily time limits which means when the time is spent the user will no longer log in to the app for the day. It also has options to temporarily mute push notifications.

Drowning in social media. Photo: The Insiter

The new feature was made public in August which aims to give users more control over how much they interact with social media.

In the future, it is expected that Facebook will also adopt the feature to its dashboard and it will be called “Your time on Facebook”.

This new feature will soon be made available to Instagram users. Apple also introduced a similar feature in its IOS called “Screen Time.” Google also released a “Digital Wellness” dashboard with Android 9.0. Tech companies are looking for ways to make users manage and control their time using these apps.

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