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3 Simple Ways Of Overcoming The Frustration Barrier


Life is filled with difficulties, hence the popular saying – nothing comes easy.

We set aside goals hoping to achieve them within the twinkle of an eye but most times, we witness slow progress and barriers.

I like to refer to this phase as the Frustration Barrier. This barrier keeps you from trying new things and going out of your comfort zone. It is also the same feature that allows you to quit far too early when you don’t immediately “get it”.

The good thing about the Frustration Barrier is that it is usually temporary and breaking through it is easy using these steps:

 Ask For Help

No man is an island. For every problem encountered on this interesting journey called Life, there will always be a person or two capable of providing a solution.

So whenever you find yourself in that seemingly helpless situation, speak out!


Take a break

Even though you may have a deadline staring at you in the face, always remember the state of your wellbeing determines not just your production rate and quality of your work. A 15-minute (or more) break won’t hurt; it will enable you to retrace your steps, realign your thought process and most importantly, you get to BREATHE.


Throw in The Fun Ingredient

This is relative to the above tip; when that task gets too tough, leaving you stranded on how to make it happen, take a break! Indulge in one hobby or maybe two–plug in your earphones and listen to your favourite playlist, go for a walk and absorb nature and your surroundings, snack on your faves.

As you do any of these, you will realise how the burden lessens; you begin to feel capable all over again and see the problem in a less threatening manner.

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