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How To Tell If It’s Your Passion Or Just A Hobby

Sometimes the thin line between passion and hobby gets blurry. We do these activities weekly and we can’t seem to decide which is which.

These outlines give you a guide to knowing if something you do is your passion or just a hobby.

Pay attention to your thoughts.
When you are driving, trying to fall asleep, or exercising, notice what you think about the most. If you find yourself constantly thinking about an activity when you aren’t doing it, that may be a passion.
Hobbies generally only occupy your mind when you are doing them. Passions stick with you all day and you’re always thinking about some aspect of them.

If you are always learning codes, reading about the latest tech inventions, then the tech world is where you belong.


What takes up most of your time?
Pay attention to what you do during a given day or a whole week. Notice what you do most frequently or for the longest amount of time in each session. The activities that you spend the most time on are likely to be passions rather than hobbies.

For example, let’s say in the course of a week you play the guitar every day, shoot baskets twice, write bits of poetry four or five times and play Xbox once. Guitar and poetry are top contenders to be passions, while basketball and gaming are hobbies.

What makes you lose track of time?
After you do an activity, check whether you looked at the clock recently. When you pursue a passion, you don’t notice that a lot of time goes by. You’re so engaged that time passes quickly. If you check the time a lot, it’s probably a hobby.

For example, an hour of writing is plenty, but two hours of drawing pass like minutes because it’s a passion.

Are you trying to improve it?
Do the activity a little more frequently than you usually would. Pay attention to whether you are working hard to get better at it or if you are simply doing it for the enjoyment you get at the moment. You work harder on passions than on hobbies.

You work to be the best with a passion, but you are satisfied with having fun with a hobby.

For example, if you are always cooking new recipes that challenge you, it’s a passion. If you like to cook chilli and cinnamon rolls repeatedly, that’s more of a hobby.

Stop the activity for a week
Choose something you do every week, or every few days, and stop doing it. If you think about it daily, miss it, and don’t feel like doing anything else, you’ve found something that’s a passion. If it doesn’t bother you to stop doing it, it’s likely to be a hobby.

If you typically play ultimate frisbee every Wednesday, skip it this week. If you fill the time with something else and barely think about it, it’s a hobby.

Take a break from editing the film footage you are always shooting. If after two days you can’t think straight because you want to be on the computer, you know it’s a passion.

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