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How To Trigger Love Through Words

It is said that what happens within 5 minutes (or less) determines if a relationship dies or will continue. Hence, the importance of choosing your words wisely because they are like magic.

While a lot of us are aware of this, the problem is some still find themselves tongue-tied when they meet their crush. Because of this, we tend to envy those who are able to start and carry on with a conversation.

Unlike those in the tongue-tied group, they understand the effect of words and how to use it at the right time. Also, they know how to communicate importance to the person they are talking to.

They don’t have to make things look more than they are by glossing situations or trying to impress people, they just know what to say.


How they do it?

  • It is alright to start off with small talks about your job, the economic situation. But when it goes long into a conversation, for instance, 20 minutes, you’d come off as boring. However, there are exceptions to this: If your conversation partner has the same forte and you are looking for a business partner or something towards that line, this is fine. If this is not the case, be versatile in your conversation.
  • Nagging is a huge turn-off for most people. Besides, that is not what you want to portray at your first meeting. Instead, get to know them. At some point while enjoying the conversation, you’d hear the “default” question, “enough about me, how about you?” And this is a good signal.
  • Awkward silences can spring up in conversations. Spice it up with humour. And if you don’t? Not to bother, you can always start the conversation with another good story.

Now that you have the basics at hand, get to the romantic and emotional part:

Flirt: There is nothing wrong with sending signals that you find your partner attractive. A little wink, stare, close lean, laughter here and there and you have made an impression. You want them thinking about you after the conversation has ended.

Plant ideas: You want them to know you like them, yes? Don’t come off too strong. Instead, plant ideas with your words. If he likes to play soccer? Let him know you like to bring on your A-game and love to be on top of things. He’d imagine you “on top of things” when you win.

The point of this is, you want them to think you’re interesting enough to know better and you have set the pace for the chase game.

Now that you know this, go on and become the royalty that you have always been.

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