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Iyabo Ojo Talks About Suffering Depression Following Marriage Crash

Iyabo Ojo

Popular Yoruba film star Iyabo Ojo has revealed on Instagram how the crash of her marriage affected her negatively.

The screen star during an Instagram Live session on her page also talked about how she took the decision to lighten her skin as her ex-husband body-shamed her after she gave birth to their children.

According to her, she lacked self-confidence due to the abuse, and as a result, she started lightening her skin following the birth of her daughter.


She further disclosed that she battled depression after the marriage crashed, stopped talking to people around her and took to drinking and clubbing.

She said,

 “Anytime I was alone in my room, I’d always say to myself Iyabo Ojo, you’ve failed, you are ugly, how can you have a child and you’d be this skinny, before you had a child you were thick…

“I felt like it was an ancestral curse for me to have a failed marriage like my mother. I would think about negative thoughts when I’m alone. That I’m ugly and nobody will choose me.

“Now you need to lighten up your skin and even if you have a tattoo you are still ugly because no one is going to marry you, no one is going to accept you.

Your mom had a failed marriage and you also have a failed marriage.”

Iyabo Ojo who has revealed in the past that she gave up her education for her children also revealed that they were her source of joy during that period,

Advising other women suffering from abusive marriages to leave, she talked about how women must come to terms with the reality that marriage is not a do or die affair as often preached in society.

Using herself as an example, she encouraged women who sense their marriage is ending to have survival plans in place.

“Women are always afraid of walking away from bad relationships because they’re lazy. A bad marriage is a bad marriage no matter how you want to paint it,” she said.

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