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Kingsley Obiukwu: The Journey To Building An Empire

Kingsley Obiukwu: The Journey To Building An Empire

Some people have impacted the lives of many through their actions, and Kingsley Obiukwu is such a person. He took a business and turned it into an empire while consciously making moves to change the lives of Africans.

Speaking to the Guardian Life team, he spoke about his journey and growth.


Who is Kingsley Obiukwu?
I am a young businessman and entrepreneur from Nigeria, with vast experience in the hospitality, real estate, and renewable energy industries. I have for 7 years been a Director on the Board of Bolton White Group and have implemented structural and operational systems that have raised the value of the Group. I also believe that I am a problem solver, a philanthropist, and a change maker.

Let’s start from when you took over Bolton White Hotel in 2014. Since that year, Bolton White Hotel has expanded into Bolton White Group, a parent company, housing other arms including Bolton White Hotels and Apartment, Bolton Properties, Bolton White Security Company, and GreyHills Hotel by Bolton, among others. How did this happen? What is your vision and how did you implement it within such a given time?

I always had a flair for running a business and my academic journey led me into management. I took over as the Executive Director, Operations in 2014 with one clear vision in mind, to make Bolton White Group a large conglomerate comprising companies in key industries with operations spreading and expanding across Nigeria and Africa. The success of Bolton White Group has been through the high-level strategic thinking and planning at the management level, smart work ethics, tenacity, teamwork, execution, collaborative efforts, and commitment of the entire staff of the Group.

How would you rate your impact on the hospitality business in Abuja?
Bolton White Group is committed to providing luxury and unforgettable experiences for all its guests and customers. We recognize the fact that the customers must be treated well and taken care of to their satisfaction and to the best of our ability. Bolton White Group range of Apartments, for example, is regarded as one of the best in Abuja. At the core of our business, we are passionate about continuous improvement in our products and services; this has kept the competition on their toes to match up to our standards. We are committed to continuous improvement and give our customers the best products and services every time they visit any of our companies. All these that we have done and will do, will surely make a tremendous impact in the hospitality business in Abuja for years to come.
Besides these, you started a green energy company, EuroTube Limited, which was positively instrumental during the peak of the pandemic last year. Do you think that EuroTube’s vision is still relevant after Covid19?
The world is at a phase of global transitioning to green, cleaner energy and that is why Euro Tube Limited is contributing to greener and cleaner energy through our solar energy solutions. Our vision is to create a community or society with increased access to clean energy, one citizen at a time. Energy will never go out of fashion and yes, we are still relevant post-COVID-19.

A little birdie told us that a John Wood Hotel by Bolton is in the works. What should guests open up their imaginations to?
As a premium brand, the guests should look forward to luxury, state-of-the-art facilities, and also excellent customer service. Just to let you in, (smiles) this project differs from the other Bolton White Group Projects.

The same little birdie also told us you are running for office. Why the interest in politics?
I’ve always wanted to affect positively in the lives of the Nigerian people. I believe that holding a political office where I would represent the interest of the people would put me in a position where I can make a real positive impact.

What different ideology are you bringing to the table?
Innovation, Inclusive leadership, and transparency

We are curious, how do you unwind?
Human relationships. I love to hang out with friends.

Your favorite quote is, and what does it remind you of?
Well, “Change is constant”… it reminds me of a time when I hated politics. (Laughs).

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