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Five Ways To Celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month

Jazz is a celebration of freedom and creativity. Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM), which is in April, is a time set out to promote jazz as a form of historical and contemporary art.

JAM is celebrated in over 40 nations, including the United States of America. The month sees a number of interesting events happening in schools, libraries, at concerts and festivals, on radio stations and in homes.

Festival Internacional de Jazz de Punta Del Este. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


Here are a few ways you can celebrate this soulful month:

1. Join an event. Partake in an event happening around you, from festivals to concerts or even just jazz parties in the living rooms of friends.

2. Swap music. You know that jazz album you absolutely love but hate to share because it’s too good? Well, it’s time to let go and exchange it with another music-hoarding friend.

3. Listen to music. Now would be a great time to explore and sample different types of jazz music, taking your time to savour every note that is struck.

4. Learn an instrument. Take up an instrument commonly featured in jazz songs that really catches your fancy, from the saxophone to a guitar, trumpet or even the drums. At the end of the month, you’d have some pretty cool skills to show off.

5. Visit historical sites. You can also visit places that have one meaning or the other in jazz history like the resting place of a famous jazz musician or their statues or plaques.

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