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How To Become a Successful Career Woman

By Ezinne Allen-Obayagbona
20 March 2018   |   7:14 am
Women have, for a long time, had multi-faceted roles to play in society. This has also affected their role in the work environment. Most are torn between being career women or homemakers. This, to an extent, affects many women who then bring in emotions into their work life and go through the challenge of growing…

Women have, for a long time, had multi-faceted roles to play in society. This has also affected their role in the work environment. Most are torn between being career women or homemakers. This, to an extent, affects many women who then bring in emotions into their work life and go through the challenge of growing in their choice of career. Many find it difficult to pursue their career goals and end up feeling frustrated at work or hating their tasks.

Kerry Washington. Photo credit: Her Campus

The best thing to do as a woman in the workplace is to recognise and play to your strengths at work. How can you discover your strengths and play to them? It is your responsibility to find what you are interested in. You won’t get what you want if you aren’t sure of what your focus is. If you are after career growth, you should be willing to discover what you enjoy doing the most at your job.

The reality is that many people aren’t happy with their jobs, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy doing certain mini tasks in their daily job. You can make a career out of doing those little things you enjoy and find ways to grow within or outside your organisation.

Take action
It’s not enough to know that you want something without going for it. Your goals won’t materialise if you don’t make strategic moves towards achieving them. This means that you should find out what is needed to grow your career. Do decision makers have a particular training? Maybe you should prepare to get such training. Is there a pattern in how your mentors have gotten to where they are? It’s time for you to strategise your own career growth pattern.

Growth plan
You need to speak with your boss and discuss your career growth plan. It’s not enough to wait for your boss to give you a raise or a promotion. You should be willing to speak with them about it. It’s ideal to do this during a performance review. Let them know that you have a target and aim to get certain technical or soft skills. Your boss will be ready to help you out as much as they can because that is their duty.

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Invest in yourself
If you want career growth, then you should be willing to invest in yourself. Read books that will help you improve on your strengths. If you’ve discovered certain areas of your job that you enjoy, then work towards improving those areas. Some employers invest in their staff’s professional development, so be sure to ask for such opportunities when you can.

Think long-term
What your goals were two years ago may not be what it will be in another two years. You should always be thinking about your growth at every point. You should keep planning, re-evaluating and tweaking your career goals as much as you can to avoid remaining stagnant. If you are always longing for the best opportunity to do something, now is the time to go for it and nurture those goals.

Most workers spend many hours at work; it’s only appropriate that you spend those hours doing something you enjoy. Otherwise, it will negate the whole purpose of wanting to have a career.

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