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Keep Calm As We Celebrate Virgos: It’s A Virgo Thing

To make sure you don’t get this twisted, this is not your horoscope reading, this is your enlightenment section, we’d be celebrating the Virgo’s in the house with the hashtag Its A Virgo Thing (#ItsAVirgoThing). Check our Instagram page as well as the hashtags and by all means join and have fun.

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, for those of you that have no interest with the zodiac signs, now you know. The Virgo season starts arguably from the 22nd of August till the 22nd of September., arguably is the word.


Feel free to jump on the trend wagon for four weeks of #It’sAVirgoThing.

Virgos are popularly known to be detailed, organized, intellectual, helpful, creative, shy,sensitive and highly reliable.

Forever busy and highly opinionated, Virgo’s would most likely be in occupations that allow them express their thoughts. Journalists, performance artists and the entertainment industry they dominate.

Celebrities you never knew were Virgos, TuFace, Beyonce, Micheal Jackson,Majid Michel, Malvina Longpet, Adam Sandler, Wiz Khalifa, Jason Derulo, Kobe Bryant and Pink. I can go on but trust me it is a very long list.



They are exceptional in their careers.

The name Virgo was derived from the Latin word for Virgin, they are the  nurturing mothers of the sky.

Fun fact: The Virgo sign is one out of two zodiac signs that isn’t in the shape of a beast or animal.

Virgos have been said to be charming but often cold. Virgos are unpredictable, takes alternative routes, and versatile. Virgos prefer to take care of others rather than be taken care of. Virgos are perfectionist.

Virgos are a lot of things and this based on research and attributing certain characteristics to being Virgo. In the long run, it has been noticed that certain people born under the same zodiac sign have similar characteristics. That explains the success of most of the celebrities on our list.


So feel like your zodiac sign has contributed heavily to who you are? Or you had no idea that your zodiac sign was responsible for some traits? This season is dedicated to you.

We would be having guest columns that involve explanations, experiences, traits and other lists from Virgos all over. Arguments is a given, so expect it.

Welcome to the season of enlightenment because #ITSAVIRGOTHING

Photo Credit: English Club, YouTube, Bella Naija

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