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OMG! The Motorola RAZR Flip Phone Is Making A Comeback!

Remember back in the early years of the 20th century when we had the Motorola RAZR phones and were literally the coolest people on the planet? I remember how amazing it felt to just slam a phone shut whene someone was talking nonsense on the other end.

Get ready to relive what was possibly the highlight of your teenage years. Lenovo, who own Motoral, have teased that they might be bringing back the highly successful RAZR phones. More specifically, the RAZR flip phones.

They hinted this by uploading a very short, nostalgic video on youtube which showed teenagers texting and taking selfies on their RAZR flip phones.

Watch The Motorola RAZR comeback teaser –

We won’t be certain if the phones are really making a comeback until Lenovo’s Tech World Conference in June, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed. My guess is they’ll be adding a lot of modern functionalities to the ones they plan to release.

You’re probably wondering how the phone will fit into today’s world of touchscreens. I was as well, but now I’m really just looking forward to hanging up on people in a huff. How else will someone feel the full effect of being hung up on if they don’t hear that agressive snap? I personally will be getting one as soon as they are released. Will you?


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