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Our Favourite Ads At The Moment

You know how annoying it might be when you start a YouTube video and the ads keep rolling in? Well, some advertising agencies have decided to actually do their jobs and create ads that we actually enjoy watching and remember. Sometimes, we even go back and watch these ads again and again.

Enough long talk, let the countdown begin.

1. Brotherly Love
Coca Cola always has the best ads, they just make you want to grab a Coke even when you know you shouldn’t and it is so bad that they appear twice on this list.


2. The Speech
There is no way you can hate on this ad, even if you are not into soccer. Heineken gave the 300 speech and it worked.


3. GLO Campus Advert
I had to choose between this and the TGIF ad and this had my heart because for the longest time, I didn’t know what was going on and then it hit me. I also love the fact that it incorporated the older generation- no offense


4. Global Hand Washing Day
This Dettol ad to support Global Hand Washing Day is one of my favourite ads that features people from all over the globe. It also has an important message about health and life. Win-win!!


5. Taste The Feeling
We already shared our love for Coca Cola and now we get the thrill again.


6. *737#
Most times, I let this ad play as I am on another tab. They actually have words attached to the slides but the song is really catchy and I find myself singing along.

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