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Quiz: How Happy Are You?

Life gets overwhelming for many and people get so used to being unhappy that they barely notice it. While happiness comes with true balancing many aspects of life, it can be a difficult task to be optimistic when your life is falling apart.

Here’s a quiz to help you find out how happy you are.

Which statement best describes you?
A. I have a great support system.
B. I have no “close” friends right now.
C. I have several acquaintances, but I prefer to keep my “real” self private.

If you could pick a word to describe your life, what would it be?
A. Astonishing.
B. Unpredictable.
C. Confusing.

How much time is spent on your hobbies and passions?
A. As much of it as possible.
B. Not as much as I’d like.
C. Very little.

Which of these answers best describes your mood?
A. It is optimistic.
B. It alternates.
C. It is pessimistic.

Are you are making progress accomplishing your goals?
A. Yes, I am.
B. Sometimes.
C. Not at all.

Your (current) motto is?
A. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
B. Life is unpredictable; be cautious.
C. The future is hopeless.


When was the last time you felt proud of yourself and something you’ve done?
A. This week.
B. This month.
C. More than a month ago.

Often, lately –
A. You take pride in your accomplishments.
B. You feel kind of ashamed.
C. You don’t seem to like yourself very much.

When things don’t go well, you feel trapped or overwhelmed.
A. Never.
B. Sometimes.
C. Frequently.

How often do you cry?
A. Rarely.
B. Every now and then.
C. More than usual.

You sense that…
A. People are talking about you.
B. Life has its ups and downs.
C. You are losing your grip.

You feel anxious…
A. All the time.
B. Barely.
C. Not at all.

What is your biggest source of stress?
A. Your relationship.
B. Money.
C. Your job.

How often do you do something kind for someone else?
A. Once a day to once a week.
B. Once a month to once every three months.
C. Seldom.

When you think about people in your life, you focus on those who have hurt or disappointed you.
A. Never.
B. Sometimes.
C. Frequently.

When times are hard, you focus on what is wrong.
A. Never.
B. Sometimes.
C. Usually.


Mostly As
You’re in good shape! Keep doing what makes you happy. Maintain your healthy relationships and spread as much positive energy as you can.

Mostly Bs
You’re content with life, but you should pay more attention to yourself and the people around you.

Mostly Cs
Spend some extra time doing things you love; you might be too focused on your troubles. What are your biggest sources of happiness and unhappiness? Identify concrete actions to try that build on the things that make you most happy, and avoid what makes you most unhappy.

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