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The Cougar Next Door

 Is it a taboo to crush on an older woman?

Crushes! We’ve all been there before. From butterflies roaming in the stomach to stealing a kiss on the playground, to social trends such as #MCM “Man Crush Mondays” and #WCW “Women Crush Wednesdays” – having a crush on either a celebrity or an actual love interest or both has become a norm today.

Yet, there is one important topic we’ve never really discussed in our online and culture-congested community – this having a crush on an older person.

In the showbiz/celebrity world, particularly in Hollywood, dating or marrying an older individual is barely frowned upon. In fact, it is so frequently covered and broadcasted in the media that we mere mortals barely bat an eyelid of concern, from Trump and Melania to Macron and Brigitte. However, publicly stating and sharing – primarily via social media – your older or much older romantic interest in our traditionalised yet modernised society is often met with criticism.

But there is always going to be that mature woman or man that you have a crush on. It could be a fantasy you’ve had in mind for a long time and would love to test the waters, or a love interest you’d love to turn into something serious. Irrespective of the two, there are factors such as parents, friends, and siblings that intervene and bring forth their opinions against the simple and complex idea of dating someone older than you.

I for one have had a crush (and with no shame still do) on a much older woman that resided in my neighbourhood. Now, if I were to discuss this crush with the aforementioned factors, there is no doubt I would be berated for it. Yet, if we were to talk about Madonna’s numerous marriages and flings with much younger men (some even considered boys), the common argument would be “Oh! They’re just celebrities, they don’t really count” – an absurd argument if you ask me.

Anyhow, as the phrase goes, “Age is just a number” and surely, love sees neither age-gap nor wrinkle? – (If any that is). Moreover, what must be taken away is; indeed, we live in a world of double standards, and maybe we are essentially all hypocrites of our own. However, if we are not ready to be mature and talk openly about such topics like this, well perhaps it is only a matter of time till it creeps up on us.


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