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The Perfect Night Routine For An Even More Perfect Day

You’ve probably heard all about morning routines that can make you live healthier and be more successful, but night routines are less talked about.

Sticking to a healthy routine is not very easy, especially at night after a long day at work. If you think about it, all you want to do is just relax. But there are various fantastic benefits that come with night routines, including sleeping better and having a smooth morning and an energetic day.

First of all, you need to understand why a night routine matters. To break it down, a nightly routine is simply the things you do just before going to bed. It could be reading a book in bed before going to sleep or that nightcap you like to have to make you sleep better. But having a nightly routine is even more beneficial than a morning one, as it will reduce the effort you have to put into your morning routine. Having a decent night routine helps you have a more restful sleep, a sharper brain and you will wake up ready to face your day in a smoother, more productive way.


So what should your night routine be like? Here are five useful tips to help you create the perfect night routine.

1. No caffeine after 5 and skip the alcohol
Your night routine starts well before you go to bed. If you are a 9-5er, whatever you do after you close will affect your sleep. Caffeine stays in your system up to six hours and you don’t want to be jittery when it’s time to go to bed. If you need to have a drink in the evening, even if it’s tea, make sure it’s caffeine free. Although alcohol may make you drowsy, you won’t have a restful sleep. Refrain from consuming alcohol at least two hours before bed.

2. Stay hydrated
Dehydration comes with negative effects including sluggishness and that tired feeling when you’re trying to stay awake. Make sure you’re refreshed with water all through the evening.

3. Don’t work late
Sometimes, we lose track of time and end up staying too late at work. Other times, work comes up just before you close and you end up staying late even though you planned to leave early. Establish a cut off time for anything work-related, including emails and phone calls. If you don’t set those boundaries, you will find it hard to enjoy life and get a good night’s rest.

4. Healthy dinners only
Overeating or having heavy meals before bedtime may lead to indigestion and discomfort. target having dinner a few hours before you go to bed. If you must snack, make sure it’s something light and healthy.

5. Plan ahead
Your day is always easier when you are ready way ahead of time. Prepare for the following day. Lay out your clothes, clear out your bag and set out what you’ll need to take with you. Write out your top priorities for the day. Doing this will make you less likely to forget something and you won’t have so many things to do when you wake up.

You’ll find that doing all these things will help make your night sleep more restful and your day much easier to bear.

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