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Is Age A Factor When It Comes To Relationships?

So many factors come up when it comes to relationships and age is just another one, so you might be wondering, is age really a factor? Does it define me or who I am with at the moment?

There are so many factors that come to play when it comes to relationships, background, religion, tribe, age, state etc. There is really a lot that comes to play when it comes to love.

Does love really conquer all?

Some say you want to know so you know how to approach the relationship, to manage the relationship and to know if maturity has set in.

Another question here is, does maturity come with age?

Facts say that women mature faster than men and they date way above their peer group so they have someone who is matured. For the guys, younger or older, as long as the relationship comes naturally, there won’t be a problem.

Some say age is nothing but a number, except it is a pedophilia relationship (below 18 dating way above their age group)

So this is the deal, age is a factor but not in the numerical sense of it.

Maturity is the factor. As long as you are matured and you are ready to be in a relationship.

Go for it!

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