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Real Time Attitude Check

Do you have an attitude problem?

Of course not, nobody would agree to being rude, snobbish, insensitive or irrational.

But at some point, you are a little bit of these things, no fault of yours. You are simply human and you can’t always control all your emotions. WRONG!!!

Discipline should be your friend.

You should be able to keep your attitude in check, at your work place, with your friends, with your family, with acquaintances and with people you come in contact with everyday.

At Your Business Place

Just because you are having a bad day at work doesn’t mean you should spread the anger to everyone you meet. Being rude doesn’t make your position any more worthy than it already is. Being humble when you can doesn’t make you less of the boss that you are. Smiling and listening would always be traits you would need at the work place. Positions don’t last forever, people would come and go in your work space, but their memory of you should be one that lasts forever.

With Your Friends

You shouldn’t be the friend that knows it all. You shouldn’t be the friend that looks down on others. We know how essential it is to keep your circle small, do not be a snob about. We live in a  world where these traits seem to be a bonus. Wrong!!! You need to differentiate between friends and acquaintances, you need to reevaluate the values which your friends hold you for. Does your attitude make you stand out with your friends, do you add value or are you just another part of the gang?

With Your Family

Africans have great family and cultural values, that seems to have gone with the wind. Respect is key and that should affect all you do, when it comes to talking to your immediate family and relatives.

Acquaintances & Other People

First impression counts and there is no other poison for your reputation like a bad first impression, you have to put your best foot forward and your best attitude forward when dealing with people.

That being said, keep your attitude in check on the go, all day, every day.


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