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Things Guys Do Not Like About Your Weaves

Hey ladies, being fabulous is not easy and we all add that extra ‘umph‘ to make sure that you look up to the part. Well, what if you found out that the men have certain issues with your weaves?

Yes darling, they have issues with your Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian,Indian, Colombian, American, Caribbean, Mongolian and Mexican weave. (if I didn’t add any brand, let me know)

Invisible Parting

Sometimes your parting can look like the path Moses created for the Israelite to pass from the Red Sea and believe me no man wants to see that. It is downright annoying to see that gap between your head. It’s no fault of yours that you have a stylist who didn’t hook you up with the right style,you have to move on and remove the weave as well.


Closure Parting

Yes boo thang!! He hates the way you try to pull your closure forward and that square you think nobody can see but he can. It’s not like he doesn’t want you and your weaves, just do it right.

Patting Your Weaves

Raise your hand if you know this is your specialty, it is not sexy to say the least. You’re trying to avoid scratching and you are just giving yourself a headache and them you tell him you have a headache which is from the excessive patting? Sister, calm down!

Smell Of Your Weaves

The natural elements that cause these things cannot be controlled but it can be reduced and you can avoid giving your boo or whoever asthma because your weave smells like a rat gave birth and then died on your hair. Try washing your hair before you fix your weave, dry your hair out every other day and four weeks is not the standard. Your hair needs to breathe.

Colour Of Your Weaves

Remember some of these factors differ with the men in question, some men would do subtle and some would go all out with the colours of the rainbow. It depends.


Dirty Scalp

Aunty dandruff, itchy scalp, dry scalp and dirty hair. If you feel like you won’t have time to properly take care of your hair then you shouldn’t be doing styles that would reveal all the dirtiness to the world. I’m sure your mama taught you how not to wash your dirty linen in public. Talk less of on your hair.

Unkempt Hair

If you have the time to have a weave on your head then you should also have the time, every morning to take care of it. Yes darling, nobody wants to see you like you just got out of bed in your office. Put your hair in order woman!

Interrupts Sex 

Sex is quite important for the guys, this is not a joke. So your long weaves might get in the way of some body parts that he might be interested in. Some guys like the weaves, something to tug on, some don’t need the distraction.

Time Taken At The Salon

This list is in no particular order but if you spend the whole day at the salon, and expect him to understand then he plays for the other team. I’m not saying you should rush your stylist. Just make sure you have his time in one way during salon day, Yes ladies, you know you can.


Now this list is clearly based on different people’s opinion, so it’s not set in stone. But there are some clear faults that you can avoid and reduce the list of things he doesn’t want to tell you and start an argument.

Dear guys, you probably spoke to her the first day you saw her because of all this. Don’t try changing her, accept her and her weaves!!!!!!

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  • Quai Ontario

    Ummmmm…so, as a mature, intelligent, successful, honest, Black male, I agree with a lot in this article, and I also disagree with some things. I would agree that everything that was mentioned is a turnoff to most Men. Hands down. I don’t agree that a Man can “accept her AND HER weaves”. How can I “accept” her when I really don’t know who she is? She keeps hiding herself behind a different costume in the form of fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake nails, drawn on eyebrows, etc? If I accept that on a female, I’m accepting a caricature of a whoever she really is. When a Woman does all of that fake stuff, I don’t believe she is “accepting” herself, because she is clearly presenting to the world something she isnt. She is in costume. I wouldn’t expect an actress in Hollywood to be the same way with me in real life when she is playing a character on T.V. When Women dress up and become a different character, I’m not capable of accepting the real her, but the character she is at that moment.
    I think Women would have more success with GREAT MEN if they ditched the fakeness and learned to appreciate in themselves what is actually important – INNER BEAUTY. NO amount of beauty enhancements can up build that. When I see fakeness on any level, I don’t feel that Woman can be trusted with my heart until we grow old and die together because I don’t really know who she is. I’m 100% me when you see me as a Man. No fake muscles, no fake extended penis, no fake big hands, no fake big feet, no fake abs, etc or whatever sexually turn Women on. Why would I want anyone appearing they are sexier or more attractive than they really are because once I see you for what you REALLY look like, I won’t have any respect for you because you lied, at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter to me if White Women do it too, or if Women do it because Men like it, or these wack protective hair care excuses, it’s still fake. Just because other Black males are walking around with their pants hanging off their behinds doesn’t mean that I should do it too. Just because so many Black Men are having children and aren’t taking care of them doesn’t mean I should do it too. That’s just ignorant reasoning. No one should be fake, period.
    If a Woman who had her life together in every way met a Man who presented himself to have his life together and she found out it was all an act, she’d dismiss him with the quickness. She wouldn’t tolerate his phony lifestyle, AT ALL. It’s remarkable how these Women want Men to accept the fakeness and act like it doesn’t affect the relationship and its longevity. It does.