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Two Reasons To Get Help For Your Ailing Relationship

Before I begin coaching my clients, I always ask them why they decided to reach out to me for help with their relationships. A few reasons I get are: “I just couldn’t take it anymore ZeeZee, I was losing my mind!” “I was living in a literal hell on earth!” “I refused to believe that…

Before I begin coaching my clients, I always ask them why they decided to reach out to me for help with their relationships. A few reasons I get are:

I just couldn’t take it anymore ZeeZee, I was losing my mind!”

I was living in a literal hell on earth!”

I refused to believe that this person I loved so much was now the enemy!”


Yes! Things could really be this bad.

Let’s understand one thing; the person you married only showed you a half of who they really are. The other half comes into full view once you guys get married and begin experiencing life together…living together and being financially, socially and physically responsible for each other. Do you understand how life changes when the both of you have to literally become “one” in all ramifications of the word?

Nothing ever prepares you for all this.

The case might be a little different if you went through a regular pre-marital course at your religious institution, but again, most of these sessions are run without an in-depth appreciation for the couple and their individual state of mind.

You can’t be successfully married to someone if; you know nothing about his or her state of mind coming into the marriage or you believe you can’t ever be happy unless you get hitched.

So the wedding is over, you get ‘home’ and you find that this person isn’t all they said they were. What the heck did you get yourself into? What the heck do you do now? A few options will be; stay in the marriage and hope against all hope that the abuse stops, the incessant late nights end and they start loving you the way you know you deserve to be loved.

Don’t hold your breath!

You can’t change ANYONE! You alone are responsible for the way your life turns out. You can’t blame that on anyone. You should get help instead of “shuffering and shmiling”. God bless Fela!

So here are two reasons why you should get help when it turns out that your marriage has really left something to be desired:

You deserve to be happy in your marriage.

Why do folks think that God will issue them with extra crowns in heaven if they bear their way through a miserable marriage? I take exception to this. The creator himself didn’t create the marital union just so He finds a way to punish you for some un-confessed sin. He didn’t create marriage to keep you miserable. Au contraire! He formed it so you both enjoy each other for the rest of your lives. He said “her breasts will satisfy him all his days” and “he who finds a wife finds a good thing”. No where there does He add “…and should become a martyr”.

Stop this foolishness.

You deserve to be happy! He also created professionals who could help get you and your spouse back on track to live married life the EXACT way He intended. So what are you waiting for? You should also get help because…

Your health depends on your state of mind.

Science has shown us that most cases of depression can be avoided, if the main triggers get addressed. When you are not in a healthy marriage, it affects your health indirectly because the toxic feelings of hurt you are experiencing need a way to exit your body. If it isn’t coming out in sessions with your marriage coach, it’ll show itself in other forms…high blood pressure, stroke, depression and even cancer.

Avoid an early grave by calling up a marriage coach or counselor.

You have one life to live. Take special care of yourself. You are the child of the most high and deserve to live a life full of joy, peace and love. If what you are experiencing now is a far cry away from this, reach out to me through any of the means below.

Here’s to your health and happiness,


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