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Man Kills Daughter With Iron Bar For Coming Home Late

Man Kills Daughter With Iron Bar For Coming Home Late Image Clipart

Iran has been rocked by its third honour killing in a month after a 22-year-old woman was killed by her father according to a report by Daily Mail.

Reyhaneh Ameri, from Kerman in south-central Iran, was allegedly attacked with an iron bar after arriving home late the previous evening.

It was further reported that she survived for nearly 24 hours after the attack but bled to death from her injuries.

Reyhaneh is believed to have arrived at her parents’ home at around 11.30 pm on Sunday evening, enraging her furious father who unleashed his violent assault.


The Deputy Police Chief of Kerman, Iran’s largest province, said Reyaneh’s father launched an iron bar in anger which struck her in the head and caused catastrophic injuries.

Reyaneh’s sister claims she went to visit her parents’ house the next morning between 8:30 am and 9:00 am but nobody answered when she knocked.

She let herself in and, finding the house in chaos, waited for her parents to return home. Her father is believed to have arrived first but, sensing his daughter’s suspicion, fled the scene.

Soon after, her mother arrived and the pair entered Reyhaneh’s room, where they discovered her clothing soaked in blood with splatters up the walls.

Police went to the scene and found traces of blood leading to the father’s car. His mobile phone was tracked to a nearby village and he was arrested.

However, he denied having any knowledge of his daughter’s whereabouts.

This made the Police embark on a desperate hunt to find Reyhaneh. She was not found until 11 pm that night when her father is alleged to have ‘proudly’ admitted to the murder.

He took officers to where he had dumped his daughter in an open area of the city.

They alleged that Rayhaneh’s father had previously told his wife he would kill their daughter, and had even attempted to murder her in 2017.

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