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Meet King Jagunlabi, Celestial Pastor Turned Secular Musician

King Jagunlabi

Prophet Nabi Oluwatomisin Ehuwaojomo is the presiding shepherd of Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa Parish of Celestial Church Christ, Wasimi, Ogun State, Nigeria. Nabi, who prefers keeping to his clerical call in the vineyard of the lord, has recently veered into music. Against expectations, his music brand is not gospel, but secular music. In this interview, the man of God explains why he delved into secular music while still holding on to his prophetic office in Celestial Church.

How long have you been involved in Music?
Foremost, I give thanks to almighty God for the wonderful opportunity given to me to fulfill destiny. I was born into music; born on Sunday during harvest thanksgiving service. My biological father was the choirmaster of the church back then; I was born while he was rendering and presenting the harvest anthem. The good news got to my dad while he was on the Altar and the whole church, including pastors, ministers and guests, jubilated about my birth and prophetically predicted the “choir master has born music”.


I grew up with music; from childhood, my father started taking me to choir rehearsals. During my primary school days, I was part of the school choir that represented the school in a National Television Programme NTA 10. And in my secondary school, I was also part of school choir. After I gained admission to tertiary institution, the then Ogun State University, I became a member of Ogun state band called OSU MELODY. During my university days, I was a choirmaster for four churches simultaneously and co-founded a mass central choir. I was a member of not less than fifteen different choirs at different time while growing up. Presently I am a prophet, shepherd of a church and still a choirmaster, and a notable multi-Instrumentalist. Hence, I was born, grew up, live, eat and drink music.

You call yourself ‘King Jagunlabi’ the Holy man of Africa, why that name?
I am a born king and the name Jagunlabi is allegorical, metaphorical, and symbolical. This life, the world is a battlefield; anyone who doesn’t fight the battle of life will not wear the crown of life, which is success. King Jagunlabi, the king as I love to be called and addressed and the holy man of Africa, have come to fight, to win, to rule and wear the crown. The holy man of Africa combined is just a logical idea to tell the world that, “no one is holy except God”. Listen to my music; you will have in-depth knowledge and understanding about my names and appearance. Jagunlabi meant, “A warrior is born”.


As a prophet of the Celestial Church of Christ, how does the church view your involvement in secular music?
It came as surprise to many, controversial and derailing to some and interesting to so many. But for me, I am strongly focused. It is secular music but spiritual in secularism. For me, it is about vision, innovation, creativity, passion, and making history.

How do your church members perceive your involvement in music, especially when it is not gospel?
All my members embrace my music; they like it, expected it, but do still hope for pure gospel music.

How do you intend to combine your calling as a prophet of Celestial Church and your career as a musical artiste?
I have asked for wisdom, knowledge and understanding, most importantly the Holy Spirit to guide and direct me.

As you know, music is a full-time job, and the prophetic ministry is also a full-time job, would one not give way for another?
No, I am determined and focused, dedicated to fulfilling my destiny.

What is unique about your music?
Everything about my music is unique. First, I created my style of music, which I called Calypa from calypso. Second, the concept of my appearance and dressing code is distinct. Lastly, my music is social, political, and philosophical in nature.

How will you differentiate your kind of music from other music stars?
My kind of music is spiritual, educating, enlighten, informative and I play different style/patterns of music.

How will you cope with youngsters’ such as Davido, Wizkid and others?
I am driven by challenge; the sky is enough for all birds to fly. There is no monopoly of knowledge in music world.

Music brings fame and it attracts the opposite sex; how do you intend to handle this aspect considering that you are also a prophet of God?
That was why it took me so long in releasing the album. I am already famous; music will only add to my fame. And the issue of opposite sex, God will give me grace to be disciplined, overcome the temptation. The identity on the stage is different from the identity of a prophet of God in the church. That is the reason for adopting the stage name of Jagunlabi, a king with a crown and covered his face with vail. The two identities are different.


What do you like most about being a musical artiste?
It helps bring my dreams and life ambition to reality.

What do you dislike most about being a musical artiste?
The social life attached to musical artistes like drinking, smoking and other things involved.

What is your most valued possession in life?
Myself; I have everything in me to rule the world and I am set to rule the world.

What do you consider the greatest mistake that you have made in life?
The day I mistakenly fell into the ocean from the top of a rock.

Do you have any regrets in life?
Oh yes, I dropped out of school from the university in my final year during my final exams because I heard the voice of the calling Of God and since then I carried the cross and I became a fulltime church shepherd. I was never rusticated nor having academic challenges; I answered the call of God.

Also, I would have become a famous musical artiste for so long but due to the ministerial calling, I had to hold it off on until now.


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