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Men With Toxic Masculinity Are Likely To Be Lonely At Old Age

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In a US Medical research, it has been discovered that toxic masculinity is bad for men’s health as it can lead to isolation is old age according to a report by Thr Daily Mail.

Toxic masculinity, an attitude that incorporates a belief in ‘real men’, impacts men’s social relationships, health, well-being, and overall happiness, the study found.


A sociologist at Michigan State University said that when issues arise, like health or financial problems, men are less likely to share them with friends of the family.

This may have a damaging impact on their mental health in later life, especially as they get older and retire, becoming more isolated.

According to assistant Professor Stef Shuster of Michigan State University, she explains toxic masculinity to be a term used to describe how masculinity affects other people, especially women.

She further states that:

Our study shows how toxic masculinity also has detrimental consequences for the men who subscribe to these ideals. The very premise of hegemonic masculinity in some ways is based on the idea of isolation because it’s about being autonomous and not showing a lot of emotion. It’s hard to develop friendships living this way.

In the research conducted, the team analysed nearly 5,500 older men and women from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Survey and determined where the men sat on the masculinity spectrum.

The study found that men have significantly lower odds than women do of having any confidant or of having both friends and family members as confidants.

People born between the mid-1940s and mid-1960s, known as ‘baby boomers’, are now retiring from the workforce, and face challenges in finding and sustaining healthy friendships, the researchers say.

In conclusion, they said:

‘Older men who endorse the ideals of toxic masculinity can become siloed off as they age. Not all older men are at risk just those who favour a particular set of ideals.’

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