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Egwero redefines church music

Caleb Egwero

Caleb Egwero

For most concerned observers, church music ministry has been reduced to a party scene where most Christians just dance and feel good. In fact, for this group, it is an alternative for going to nightclubs. What makes it worse is that most of the leaders in this important church ministry have no idea what this sensitive department should be other than that they sing to entertain church members.

In his book, Redefining Church Music Ministry, the author, Caleb Egwero, gives in-depth exposition on what the ministry is about. Egwero has compiled all the nuggets needed to function successfully in the ministry. He states that church music is not just an emotion-laden activity lacking the power of God.

The 10-chapter book begins with understanding the concept of the ministry and points out how most people have reduced God’s awesome power embedded in the music ministry to just the flow of rhythms and beats and emotional ecstasy.


He asked, “As a music minister, can you boldly say that you are carrying out the mandate with the full awareness and mentality of the kingdom?”

Egwero argues that music ministers must understand that their responsibility doesn’t end with singing in the church but includes preparing the body of Christ through its music for the second coming of Jesus Christ. The chapter stresses that God uses music ministry to accomplish a lot more than just singing in church. He gives biblical examples of instances where the music ministry helped release a dimension of God’s presence that opened up the prophetic and manifestation of the word of wisdom, knowledge, miracles and healing.

He lists music ministry prerequisite to include having a good voice and loving to sing, but adds that these alone do not qualify anyone to sing in the music ministry of a church. He explains how the church is treated with levity and ignorance in the area of this sensitive ministry, and the possible repercussions it entails. He cites the biblical example of where God struck Uzzah dead for trying to function in a ministry reserved for the Levites.

Egwero points out that the music ministry of the Old Testament could be noted for releasing a dimension of God’s glory, power and anointing through a unified kingdom sound as stated in II Chronicles 5: 13-14 but that the present-day church has reduced the music ministry to a mere singing group that presents songs to the church.

“Presently, most churches are becoming like clubs, where people drink and dance for bodily exercises without any atom for God’s presence,” noting that those who really want to know if they have encountered the power of God in a praise and worship session are changed to become like him.

Egwero’s Redefining Church Music Ministry is a must-read book for everyone who seeks to worship God in spirit and in truth, with the aim of redefining church music ministry.

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