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Fire Punchlines That Caught Our Attention From The Martell Cypher 2

The latest installment to premium cognac Martell’s Cypher featured M.I Abaga, Loose Kaynon, A-Q and Blaqbonez. The cypher saw all four rap artistes deliver injurious bar and spot more fire than dragons.


A lot of lyrics and wordplay was applied in the cypher and we’ve taken the liberty to pick out the top punchlines from each artiste for your delight.

First up was the self-proclaimed “best rapper in Africa”, Blaqbonez who had some choice words for his perceived haters.
“Niggas really asking why I be so cocky, you should ask your sister why I be so cocky”
“Coming for me for having the shit you’ve been wishing for, its like Miley telling Kim K that she aint thick enough or like Lil Pump telling Jay [Z] to get his money up”
“Nothing in their pockets, no wonder they be so outta pocket”
“It’s like driving, you gotta look at dummies when you overtake”
“I’m way bigger than you niggas, the elephant in the room”

Loose Kaynon came up next with some bars..
“You claim dope but where’s the flame? You’re a bad lighter”
“I stopped rapping for free so you better have them chips in the back tell them no freebies [freedos]”
“These niggas lurking on pages of bitches twerking”
“Told you the brakes failed on this train, we’re never stopping”
“This heres a sure bet you should listen to the bookie”

A-Q delivers his verse next..
“Best thing since sliced bread and a slice of pizza”
“Do the math I got it mastered, fuck you and your masters”
“I’ve been spitting in linguistics with a flow that could sink ships”
“When I see rappers, I seafood and eat them up till I get seasick”
“Two heads are better than one about a thousand naira times”

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Given you parables quotables/ plus I'm an animal only dudes notable to be standing so close to Jude are my homies and you know who!!!/so who really the best rappers in Africa? Who been top of the charts but still giving lyrical massacre/ I'll put it like this as long as MI exists/ I'm number one and y'all can figure out the rest of the list/… 2 ghanians 3 rappers from SA/ 1 Kenyan rapper can step to me on their best day/ as for Naija I give the legend they props/ then it's 4 niggas who did it like me that's where it stops for real!!!!!

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Them M.I Abaga closes the show with a barrage of punchlines.
“Hi hater, I hear you talking. I’m Big Brother, I’m always watching”
“I’ve been so accommodating like a housing estate but now I got RUGA, not sure you want these cows in your state”
“As long as M.I exists, I’m number one and y’all can figure out the rest of the list”
“I know you fake, you’re like Bobrisky’s D cup”
“I ate from rap when raps terrain wasn’t even arable yet.”

The cypher had a lot more disses and subliminal messages but these were definitely some of the best bars.

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