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With The King’s Praise, Dada gives back to underprivileged

By Florence Utor
08 January 2017   |   2:19 am
Every year, Olubunmi Dada holds a charity concert and extends a hand of love towards the less privileged and physically challenged. Recently, there was more to the concert, as she also released her album...


Every year, Olubunmi Dada holds a charity concert and extends a hand of love towards the less privileged and physically challenged. Recently, there was more to the concert, as she also released her album, The King’s Praise. The concert and album launch, which held at Sunrise Assembly, Ikeja, Lagos, had in attendance some of her colleagues in the music industry, family, friends and fans.

According to the composer and singer, The Kings Praise features other artistes like Mike Abdul, Kenny Kore, Baba Tumise from Ibadan and Jeduthrun (United States), and Wale Sax, and produced by Tolu Obanro.

“I believe God is taking this album far beyond my imagination,” she said. “We have it on iTunes, amazon, google music; in fact, it is on over 30 online stores, as well as all the telecoms platforms. Like the title of the 10-track album suggests, it is about praising God all through. We all know that God does not request anything from us other than our praise.”

Dada, whose has sight impairment, said, “In every disability there is ability; so, whatever disability that one may pass through is a thing of the mind because there is an inner strength that pushes you to want to do more. The challenge I have, which everybody has, is finance.”

She had also thought that working with the big names in gospel music would pose a problem, but when she met them one-on-one, she discovered they were friendly and it was not about money.

Another challenge she has is promotion. She said: “I don’t have a marketer or promoter’ it has just been God, but it’s getting better because my previous album didn’t even get to any online store.”

The songstress also grieved that her alumni, the Pacelli School for the Blind, were the only beneficiaries of the charity concert last year, noting, “Usually, we bring many other groups where food, clothing and provisions are shared to them, but this year we could only afford to bring students of Pacelli, because I didn’t get the help that would warrant me bringing many children like I did in the previous years.

“I use my salary to support most of what you see here today. Sometimes, when you tell people to bring clothes, they give you rags. So, it got to a point I stopped sourcing for clothes in churches. I had to go to friends that I know will give me quality clothes, which I add to mine and we also buy.”

The Area Pastor of Sunrise Assembly, where the event held, Moses Anjorin, said “I am full of joy today that once again Sister Bunmi is blazing the trail. I see somebody, who has not allowed her condition to put her down. I remember when we did Come Worship the King at Christ the King Parish and now we are here. Everyone should learn from her life, that no matter your condition, it should not hinder you from glorifying God. She should be a motivation that we should do better.”

The parish Pastor of the same church, Chinedu Okocha, said, “Today is a big day, not just because we are here to support our sister, but we are here to do what God demands of us most – to praise and worship him. Considering the fact that we know the situation of the Daughter of Zion, who is championing this, but she never allowed it to keep her down. We are highly encouraged by her zeal and passion for God.

“For those who are not even in this condition and are sitting down waiting for manna from heaven, they are wasting their time. I advise them to look up to people like our sister and learn from her.”

Describing the album, Obafemi Dada, who temporarily serves as her manager, said: “Everybody who listens to the album will like it, just like those who have are testifying. It is an exceptional work; the lyrics are heavy and spirit filled.”

Rebecca Adenuga, who collaborated with her on one of the songs, said: “I have listened to this album and I know it will definitely soar; the songs lift your spirit and bring you out of depression.”