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Myths And Traditions Surrounding Leap Year

It is another leap year and this comes once in four years. scientifically, February 29 is added as a corrective measure since the Earth does not orbit around the sun in precisely 365 days, the day traditionally opens up to a number of opportunities and myths.

Be it breaking stereotypes or a form of bad luck, below are some myths and beliefs that surround a leap year:

Ladies, get on your knees
On this day, according to an old Irish legend, it is believed that St Brigid opened the gates for women to propose to men every leap year.

This came in to introduce a form of balance in society when only men are supposed to propose. If you don’t have a boyfriend, propose to anyone. If you’re not a woman, then make a woman propose to you. Tradition dictates it!

Men, get 12 gloves
The question on your mind is what if the man rejects the proposal? There are ways around this. In many European regions, tradition introduces a penalty for a man that refuses the proposal.

The man is supposed to buy 12 pairs of gloves for the woman. The purpose is that the woman can cover her hands with the gloves since she has no ring.

It is movie time
Only a handful of movies are set on 29 February, so you have a choice. Romantic comedy fans can watch the Amy Adams rom-com Leap Year. Horror fans, you can watch the South Korean haunted-tollbooth film on February 29. All other people, sorry!

Do not marry
According to the Greek culture, it is considered to be unlucky to marry on the 29th of February.

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