Wednesday, 27th September 2023

Neo Mobor Akpofure: Multi-Talented Star Shooting For The Stars

By Tobi Awodipe
30 August 2023   |   9:05 pm
Neo Mobor Akpofure is an actor, event host, model and lifestyle influencer. The 29-year-old rose to fame after finishing as a top five finalist of the 2020 Big Brother Naija reality TV show. An influential force in the fashion and lifestyle space, earning him the nickname the Drip Lord and NeoEnergy. Passionate about impact and…

Neo Mobor Akpofure is an actor, event host, model and lifestyle influencer. The 29-year-old rose to fame after finishing as a top five finalist of the 2020 Big Brother Naija reality TV show.

An influential force in the fashion and lifestyle space, earning him the nickname the Drip Lord and NeoEnergy. Passionate about impact and empowerment, he founded the Amakazat Foundation, through which he supports the welfare of inmates and individuals living with disabilities.

Can you share your journey from reality TV to becoming a multi-talented lifestyle influencer and actor?

My journey began with an incredible opportunity to be a part of the Big Brother Naija Lockdown edition in 2020, exposing me to the world of entertainment. The thrill and passion that ignited within me during this experience fueled my determination to pursue a career in acting and influencing. As I transitioned into being a lifestyle influencer and actor, I felt an overwhelming sense of excitement for the endless possibilities ahead. This allowed me not only to diversify my talents but also to explore new avenues of creativity. Balancing content creation, hosting engagements, and pursuing acting has been a fulfilling evolution for me. Whether it is crafting engaging content, tapping into various exhilarating roles on screen, or brand strategy with leading brands in our continent and more, every moment brings forth a renewed sense of passion and purpose. One such highlight includes my memorable roles in Inkblot Productions’ Palava and the anticipation building around my upcoming film, A Weekend To Forget.

What’s the significance of your work with Inkblot Productions and FilmOne Entertainment and how was your experience in the projects you mentioned?

Working with Inkblot Productions has been a remarkable experience that ignited my passion for acting. Palava, the first major cinema film I worked on with them, provided me with an incredible opportunity to showcase my skills and connect with a broader audience. The dynamic character I portrayed in this project, including working with people I admire like Richard Mofe Damijo, Iyabo Ojo and more, allowed me delve into the depths of my character’s emotions and bring them to life. It was not only a transformative experience for me personally but also professionally, as it opened doors to new possibilities and avenues. A Weekend To Forget challenged me further, pushing the boundaries of my acting abilities by exploring different dimensions of character portrayal. Through this incredibly diverse role, I grew more versatile as an actor, and I am continuing to hone my craft in exceptional ways. I am very excited for the public to see A Weekend To Forget when it comes out later in September.

How do you effectively balance your different roles in the entertainment industry?

Balancing these roles requires meticulous planning, effective time management, and a solid creative team. Being able to pursue my passion and excitement in different areas of my life is an incredibly rewarding experience. To ensure that I give each role the attention it deserves, I allocate specific time slots for content creation, acting rehearsals, and hosting gigs and brand engagements plus requirements. This allows me immerse myself fully in each endeavour with undivided focus and enthusiasm.
Collaborating with professionals who understand my diverse commitments not only brings fresh perspectives but also helps maintain the equilibrium between my various roles. From my manager to stylist, videographers, photographers and more, I am grateful to my management team and co-creators who help me shine. Their support ensures that I can consistently deliver quality output while navigating this dynamic landscape of creativity and expression. Together, we strive to bring out the best version of every project while fostering a friendly atmosphere where ideas flourish harmoniously amidst our shared passion and excitement for what we create together as a team. I am also working on some new business endeavours that I plan to share in due course.

How do you leverage your influence to inspire positive change and engage with your audience beyond entertainment?

I believe in the incredible power of influence, and I leverage my platforms to drive positive change. As the founder of the Amakazat Foundation, my goal is not only to raise awareness about social issues but also to promote philanthropic initiatives that can make a real difference in society. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations with like-minded organizations, I strive to create a ripple effect that inspires my audience to take action. By aligning my influence with meaningful causes, whether it be advocating for prison reforms or helping prisoners get access to free legal representation, education equality or supporting environmental conservation efforts, I aim to empower individuals and communities alike.

What motivates you to continually explore new creative avenues and take on diverse projects in your career?

I am driven by the constant desire to challenge myself and evolve as a creative person, with a hunger to explore new avenues in my different focus areas, content creation, fashion, filmmaking, branding, event hosting and lifestyle in general. The influence of my passion for storytelling and self-expression can be seen in every project I undertake. Each opportunity that comes my way presents a unique learning experience that not only contributes to my personal growth but also furthers my professional development. This perpetual pursuit of innovation keeps me excited about the endless possibilities art has to offer. By remaining open-minded and adaptable, I am able to embrace new challenges head-on while continuously honing and expanding my skills as an artist.

What advice do you have for aspiring content creators and actors looking to make their mark in this industry?

Persistence is key. It serves as the guiding force that propels us forward and allows our vision to flourish. To achieve true success, we must remain steadfast, and unwaveringly committed to staying true to our passions and ambitions. This journey demands hard work. Never lose sight of your willingness to learn; it fuels personal development and opens doors to opportunities far beyond your comfort zone.

Embrace versatility for it broadens horizons previously untouched, unlocking uncharted pathways towards excellence. Surround yourself with mentors who are eager champions of your potential, collaborating harmoniously along the way with like-minded individuals dedicated to mutual growth. Let resilience become second nature, remaining determined even when obstacles stand tall before you on this complex path towards success. Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self; when pain comes, embrace it and grow through it, because this industry comes with its own share of challenges and difficulties. Everything is moving fast; if you do not move, stay on top of trends and innovate, you will find yourself like last month’s newspaper. Adaptation becomes indispensable on this remarkable journey; be willing to challenge conventional norms and update yourself while discovering new ways of charting unfamiliar territories within your chosen field.