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New Research Reveals Eating Once A Day Can Lengthen Your Lifespan

A new research has questioned the effect of eating when you want. This is because, the research finds, snacking can adversely affect your lifespan.

Scientists at the National Institute on Aging in the journal Cell Metabolism, state that those who “fast” in between meals live longer than those who snack.

Using mice as a study, mice who “fasted” for hours before their next meal appeared to be healthier and developed age-related issues at a later stage.

The researchers stated that the type of diet they had was not important to this health effect. Rather, they discovered that the mice which ate once a day lived longer than their counterparts.

Using 292 male mice in total, the mice were grouped into three subgroups. One was given fibre meals, the other, sweet and carbs and the third, the same as the first but were allowed to eat only once.

In the words of Richard J. Hodes, the director of the National Institute on Aging (NIA),

“This study showed that mice who ate one meal per day, and thus had the longest fasting period, seemed to have a longer lifespan and better outcomes for common age-related liver disease and metabolic disorders.” “These intriguing results in an animal model show that the interplay of total caloric intake and the length of feeding and fasting periods deserves a closer look.”

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