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Oloni Confessions: 2 Reasons Women Give For Using Black Magic

Are you in love with your girlfriend in a crazy manner you can’t explain? Have you done inexplicable things for your partner that leave people wondering if you are in your right senses? It might be the time to go on Twitter, search for Oloni and ask her privately if your girlfriend has confessed about using black magic or Jazz, known as Juju to keep you forever.

A  Twitter influencer named Oloni asked ladies to anonymously submit confessions. But these aren’t your ordinary Whisper app confessions. These confessions own up to using black magic against their own partners. With the Twitter thread already fifty replies long detailing reasons and methods of execution,  the surprising revelations have left many surprised, scared and amusingly bewildered. Some confessions were even disgusting.


The first submission that opened the door for every other submission was a lady who claimed to have used her menstrual blood to cook for her man. This, however, came up in three different stories, different women using their menstrual blood to get a man crazily in love with them.

The confessor claimed the jazz worked. She’s supposedly kept her man locked down forever. Not just dating wise, she is married to the man and claims it stopped him from cheating. She insists they are now happily married.

It did not just end here: shocking admissions abound, a lady used bay leaves at the crack of dawn during a full moon, another divulged that charming a man using his picture during a full moon, soaking it with water, salt, rose leaves and reciting her desires on the picture. It also worked, the lady claimed. Different instances were given and the men were locked down.

The question that comes to mind is why? What motivates a person to do this?

Is it love, depression, obsession, childishness or just plain stupidity? Below are the two most popular reasons given by the ladies that submitted their entries.

Fear of not being loved
Many of the ladies made moves to tie their men with black magic because they wanted to be loved. One submission flying around the social media space recently is that women cannot handle rejection. A look at all the submissions stand forth as confirmation for the statement above. Out of fear of rejection, they turned to black magic for help.

This could also be seen as a case of extreme low self-esteem. Some women used black magic before they even made their intentions known to the men, others because they felt the men were of higher standard.

Some of the women took to black magic because their men were cheating. The black magic is used to stop their men from cheating. However, they forget that black magic can also have negative effects. Some needed to use black magic again to stop the effects of the jazz earlier used.

Unfortunately, a couple of the women who charmed their men also confessed to cheating on the men. Isn’t this a case of double-standard?

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