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Plus Size Male? These 5 Style Tips Are Just For You!


When it comes to men’s fashion there’s still a simple rule of thumb here for every ‘big’ man: the better the fit, the more comfortable you will feel and the more body confidence you will have when wearing your outfit.

If an item is ill-fitting and has strains, bulges, sagging, or wrinkles it is unfortunately amplified on big men’s clothes.

One of the biggest mistakes that a [slightly] chubby man can do is buy clothes that are several sizes too big in a bid to disguise his shape. If your clothing is too big you will draw attention to your weight, add bulk to your body, and give off a sloppy impression.

Plus-size male model in a V-neck sweatshirt | Photo: Kabishop

However, these 5 style tips can help boost the confidence of any plus-sized man:

Know Your Body

As we know, bodies vary significantly, from the length of our arms to the width of our calves, and everything in between.

You might have narrow shoulders, for example, but the thighs of a skinny girl (not in transit). Or your stomach might be disproportionately large in comparison to the width of your neck. So, to properly dress, or more specifically flatter your body, you need to get an accurate idea of it. That means taking your measurements and looking for clothes in sizes that fit those measurements.

Try it on before purchase!

You might be pressed for time, but if whatever you grab and purchase off a rack on your lunch break makes you look like a bag of rice then you are in for a major wardrobe malfunction. So make sure you take just a few minutes to quickly try something on for size and study how it fits in the mirror. It’s not worth it. And if at all you buy off an online store, ensure you must have read and understood its return and exchange policy.

Plus sized models, Coates, zach miko, DJ Terell and Daniel Franzese | photo: esquire

Tailor To Fit

Buying off the rack is a relatively modern approach to having your wardrobe be up to date with the latest style trend. But, on the other hand, you might not be able to afford to have your entire wardrobe custom-made, but enlisting a tailor to make such outfits is needed and can make all the difference to store-bought style.

Pay Attention To Patterns And Prints

Stripes, florals, etc, all of these patterns and prints instantly draw the eye. Which means it pays to know when, where and how to deploy them. Reserve punchy patterns, prints and even bright contrast colours for the parts of the body you’re happy to put on a show. Wide horizontal stripes, for example, will only accentuate an already large belly – which is cool, of course, but only if that was your intention in the first place.

Know What To Pass On

This goes for everyone really, but particularly for men who aren’t exactly model-build. Get to know what suits you and stick to it.

That’s not to say you can’t incorporate a fashion trend now and then, just make sure that trend works with your body, rather than against it. For instance, Cuban collar shirts? Great for everyone. Bare-chested suits? Nahh, pass!

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