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Pregnant? 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

A pregnant lady

Pregnant? 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor | IMAGE: PIXABAY

Pregnancy is a time of incredible change. It is quite an experience, your body begins to behave in ways you never thought possible. You can easily go from being joyous at the discovery of a baby growing inside of you to being anxious that every move and turn can lead to something wrong, this is especially common for first-time mothers-to-be.  

There are certain things that you need to know during pregnancy. This information is best gained from a conversation with your practitioner, doctor or midwife.


 Below are 10 questions you should ask your doctor:

  • How is my due date determined?

A full-term pregnancy ranges from 37 weeks to 40 weeks and 6 days, so your actual date of delivery can be different from your estimated date of delivery.

  • What are prenatal vitamins? Why do I need them?

Prenatal vitamins are supplements that contain daily vitamins and minerals you need before and during your pregnancy.

  • What is the normal amount of weight to gain during pregnancy?

How much weight you should gain during pregnancy is usually determined using your pre-pregnancy weight. Your doctor should give you a range to gain by trimester and will check at each appointment that you’re on track.

It’s especially important to gain the right amount of weight when you’re expecting twins because your weight affects the babies’ weight.

  • What remedies do you recommend to ease morning sickness?

When morning sickness hits often times you would feel tired and nauseous, and may vomit. Although rarely serious, it can be incredibly unpleasant.

  • What do you recommend specific foods I should eat?

It is often recommended that pregnant should eat protein-rich food to support the baby’s growth.

  • Are there any activities or medicines I should avoid while pregnant?

There seems to be a longer list of “don’t”s than “do”s for pregnant women. Pregnancy induces a lifestyle change, after all the well being of mother and child is important. Consult your doctor for the things you should avoid when you’re pregnant.

  • Is it safe to have sex during my entire pregnancy?

Will it result in miscarriage? Will it harm the unborn baby?
If your pregnancy is healthy, you can have sex. Some doctors advise avoiding sex in the final weeks of pregnancy

  • What exercise is okay for me during pregnancy?

A regular exercise routine throughout your pregnancy can help you stay healthy. Consult your doctor if you have never exercised regularly before.

  • How long can I work when I’m pregnant? 

This largely depends on the nature of your job however, if you have any worries about your health while at work discuss it with your doctor.

  • What’s the likelihood I’ll need a C-section?

According to this study, Caesarean section use has increased over the past 30 years in excess of the 10–15% of births. C-sections now outnumber vaginal deliveries in parts of southeast Europe, Latin America and China.

Knowing what to expect during the full pregnancy term is important for monitoring both your health and the health of the baby.

The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. 

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