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Presidential Aspirant Eunice Atuejide “Hates” Being Called A “Feminist”

One of Nigeria’s presidential aspirant Eunice Atuejide has made it clear that she does not agree to the use of the term “Feminist” to describe her because of the many meanings it has.

The 39-year-old stated this on her Twitter in a series of tweets

Again, I’m not a feminist!
I actually hate it when people call me feminist because that word means too many things, many of which I DON’T LIKE!
EVERYONE should have a fair chance.
Be yourself and be treated right being yourself
So guys, lets caption this picture!

Photo: Twitter/Eunice Atuejide

To me, we need contributions & views from all sides (masculine & feminine) in designing the future Nigeria.
It’s neither a man’s world, nor a woman’s world.
It is our world.
We all matter!
We all have a lot to offer, and equal weight must be given to our views.

Does the caption “Agreement of ALL 2019 Progressive/Young/Independent Presidential Aspirants to work TOGETHER” work for you?
It doesn’t for me simply because the ENTIRE female specie was EXCLUDED!
So guys, help me find the perfect caption….🤷🏾‍♀️

I’M NOT A FEMINIST! Na by force? And who is a feminist? My friend who won’t cook for her husband & kids cos of equality? The one who always insults men bcos she can? Ladies who won’t let men hold doors for them cos it diminishes their value? What does feminism mean?

Atuejide is the founder of National Interest Party (NIP).

The article has been edited to correct the impression that Eunice Atuejide is a candidate of the #NotToYoungToRun movement.

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