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Pros Of Dating An Alpha-Male

It does not matter what crowd you mingle with, you can always identify the hardworking, good-looking, smart and focused man. Chances are you have been trying to get his attention. Actually, a lot of women are drawn to this kind of men.

An alpha-male is the man with the highest qualities in a woman’s bucket list: The rich, tall, deep-voiced, confident, innovative, loyal and responsible man. The sad thing is, these people appear hard to love. Yet, a lady gives second thoughts before striking him out of her list.


The following reasons are what makes an alpha-male very attractive:

  1. They religiously follow their work ethic and are very focused. They are more of a “work hard quietly, let success make the noise” kind-of-guy. Failure does not deter them from rising and working harder than before. This is because he understands that he has you and he has a purpose. An alpha male knows his purpose and actively works to fulfil it.
  2. Alpha males can be so engrossed in their work that their partner will start to feel like they don’t care. On the contrary, these men are usually loyal and committed and would do anything to keep you because, underneath the surface, they are a soft people willing to love and trust their partner. The same way they are loyal to their responsibilities, they drive that energy into their relationships (friendships or exclusive).
  3. An alpha might not be romantic but he will trust you. Although they take their time to grow a relationship, once they trust you, it’s real. By the way, you don’t want to ruin that trust.
  4. Just by spending time with him, his work ethic can rub off on you. Because he motivates without even realising it, he inspires you to improve on yourself. As much an alpha male has fantasies, he wants a woman who will stimulate them. Talk philosophy, how to grow a business, culture, anything intelligent and you are on the right track with this kind. A woman who has got it all together is their kind. Remember Neyo’s song, Miss Independent? “She got her own thing. That’s why I love her?” That is an alpha male. He is a thinker, not a talker.

Most men dream of being an alpha-male. If they pay careful attention, they can adopt some of the qualities of this type of men. Who wouldn’t want to be a ladies man?!

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