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Outrage As Tik-Tok User Makes Video Demeaning Blacks


TikTok | Quartz

Tik-Tok user Stephanie Freeman has come under the heat together with her boyfriend Jeffery Hume after posting a video on Tik-Tok depicting blacks as hopeless beings.

The teenage girl and her boyfriend both made a video reenacting the #creationchallenge on Tik-Tok. The video featured them mimicking the creation of blacks which was written as N**gers and using generally offensive labels.

The labels include;  ’ don’t have a  dad’,  ‘Rob people’, and  ‘Go to jail’ amongst others.


Many viewers have taken to other social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram to reshare the video, expressing their utmost displeasure concerning the contents.

Condemning the acts of both teenagers, and insisting that the picture they painted is one that preaches hate and racism against the black community. A Twitter user wrote:

“ I don’t know how people live having hatred towards people and openly get through life being like that. Disgusting. I find it sadly stupid that people like them post hate and bigotry on social media and not think they will get caught. Like you think people are not going to see it”. 

Another user added;

 ” I’m not even black myself but I felt horrible, sad and angry seeing this, I am so sorry, I don’t have words “.

The video has been tagged as’ racist’. More so, Freeman and Hume’s Tik-Tok account have been reported by the public and called for immediate shutdown.

Both youngsters are reportedly students of the Carrollton High school in Georgia. Also, Freeman is set to attend college.

In response to the viral offensive  Tik-Tok video, the school authorities have withdrawn the admission of both teenagers. According to the statement released by the school board Superintendant, Dr. Mark Albertus =, he said:

“ The racist behavior observed in the video is unacceptable and is not representative of the district’s respect for people. The video easily violates this standard. They are no longer students at Carrollton High School”.

Albertus added that he was deeply disturbed by the overtly racist tone of the TikTok video.        

Stephanie Freeman shared on her Instagram Stories an apology, writing that she believes “blacks are human too.” She also pleaded with everyone to stop sharing the video, her name, and her picture.

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