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Remembering Bad Poetry Written By Good Writers

Some people will be thinking why talk about bad poetry when there are very good literary works written by great authors. August 18 is Bad poetry day so just like brilliant works are celebrated, the not so brilliant is also remembered.

Putting words or ideas in form of a poem is no easy feat if it were everyone will be an acclaimed poet. Even most of the world’s best poets have made an awful verse that even the best literary critics were left confused with.


Here are some bad poetry lines ever written.

Andrew Motion

He was known for his brilliant works and was made poet laureate in 1999. In 2003 to celebrate Prince William’s birthday he wrote a rap poem that reads:

Better stand back

Here’s an age attack,

But the second in line

Is dealing with it fine.

Confusing isn’t it.

Carol Ann Duffy

A poet laureate who has written brilliant works added a bad poetry to her work with this:

Because the Badgers are moving the goalposts.

The Ferrets are bending the rules.

The Weasels are taking the hindmost.

The Otters are downing tools…

What exactly was she talking about?

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Is the goal so far away?

Far, how far no tongue can say,

Let us dream our dream today.

These are just a few bad poetry written by very good writers.
You can share some bad poems that you have read to commemorate today.

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