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Scientific Reasons On Why Women Are Always Right

Wondered why your wife is always right each time you are having a brawl? She often comes out as the winner of the said match, that it makes you wonder “did I marry a witch?” Because you have no plausible explanation to the unexplained psychic power, she probably got from falling as a child. Well, science again has some technical explanations to all the impending mystery.

Having lived on earth for somewhat the same length of time, the male and female gender are yet to find a common ground of relatable ways to exist in amity. This search has propelled science, sociology and art to give formula and answer to this. This has different schools of thought ranging from different fields amounting to the spiral ideas out there.

23 years back, a research carried out titled “the mind in the eyes test” looks into how well one can surmise the thoughts and feelings of others. Its analysis reveals that women would be able to do this, but this was based on the pigeonhole notion of “women’s intuition.” Further changes for better results and accuracy was adopted, revealing new conclusions that say socialization has a lot to do with this expertise.

(Main Cast) Chris Witaske, Max Greenfield and Taraji P. Henson in What Men Want from Paramount Pictures and Paramount Players.

From this study came the birth of others that looked in and studied this unique feature of women. With further probing, scientists at the University of Cambridge found in their research that women have a mind-reading gene mutation that gives them power like mutants to understand someone’s thought and emotion by a simple look at the eyes. This solves the mystery of cognitive empathy as it is called so beware that your wife is not a witch who flies on a magic broom nor is she spying on you, rather she is a more developed social being.

Without direct communication, a woman is able to communicate deducing from everything around her thus making her the ultimate sociologist. This explains why women do well in tests that necessitate reading nonverbal cues.

A woman’s ability to sense things; the intuitive nature some speculate is solely because they are mothers of the earth and a woman’s thinking rises from her brain and most importantly from her heart. All of these tally to the mythical and mind reader attribute.

Is being right a woman’s prerogative? As often enough husbands go back in meekness to say “what you said was true” or some do not even admit at all in order to have the last say and have their ego-less bruised and bashed.

A woman pursuit is usually more detailed, oriented and can multitask, with all of these she is able none regardless to still have her sixth sense sharp.

A woman’s sixth sense is most often right knowing what he is always thinking, sniffing a mile away when a lie is about to be dropped and when the truth is told. This amounts to say general observation has consequently led to the probing of a woman’s mind like rare antiques are studied for their uniqueness.


The bridge in communication between men and women even after leaving together for centuries has not found perfection, so communication among these species have been most sort for which are thus captured in films like What Women Want which places emphasis on this added with several sociological studies to bridge the feuding communication gap between “X” and “Y” chromosomes.

These films show how perfect communication is gotten when a man who is now gifted with the ability to understand the inner workings of a woman and how when the supernatural power is lost, the communication breach is built again. Though counter-narratives are evolving like What Men Want played by Taraji P. Henson who walks in a male-dominated environment but is not able to succeed in it as well as nailing the perfect relationship.

The fact that women have double X chromosomes, high level of estrogen hormones and genetic variants on chromosomes 3 according to scientists are plausible explanations to “why” women are always right and are notable reasons to women’s longevity hence outliving men. So these spur a woman’s psychic mind-reading “powers.”

Saying that women are irrational might just be a defence mechanism against a patriarchal society that has robbed men of emotional experiences. The scientific studies in social science and social neuroscience succinctly beef up the initial stereotype perception of women as mind readers so the reasons are more biological than mythical.

This quality of a woman has fostered the mythical idea of a mind reader, witch, and so much more unclaimed titles. There is no harm to believe that a woman’s intuition is a very strong sense, affirmed by the saying “behind every successful man is a woman” and this is all thanks to her supernatural abilities.

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