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7 Proper Hair Brushing Tips To Avoid Breakage

Most of us don’t pay attention to the way we brush our hair because it is a boring necessity. In truth, brushing your hair is not only an important step in keeping tangles away and making sure your hairdo looks fly, it also stimulates your scalp and increases blood flow to the area, which can help maintain a healthy hair and scalp.
There’s a little more to brushing than simply tugging a comb through your hair before you leave the house and we have listed some quick ways to keep your hair healthy.

Take Care when Brushing Wet Hair

When your hair is wet, it is weakened by the water. Water softens the hair shaft and hair fibres causing them to stretch due to the moisture. When combing wet hair, there can be breakage leading to short ends that won’t smooth down, causing frustrating fly-away hair. To avoid breakage of wet hair, you can angle the comb upward while detangling wet hair to lessen pressure on hair and make it less likely to snap.

Choose the Right Brush

A single brush does not fit every type of hair i.e. fine hair needs a different bristle from coarse hair and curly hair and straight hair have completely different requirements. Ensure you find a hairbrush that is ideal for your hair type.

Don’t Brush From the Top

Take a hint from Drake and start from the bottom when it comes to your hair. Comb your hair from the end and comb slowly from the tip to the scalp to avoid breakage.

Don’t Brush Too Large a Section

You might have seen one or two Disney movies but did you learn a lesson or two from the Disney princesses? We learnt about hair brushing from Aladdinm’s Jasmine as she knew to take a small section of hair in one hand, hold it against her palm, and then run her brush through it. This helps prevent breakage and from pulling too hard and accidentally tugging the hair out from the root.
hair brushing

A woman brushing her hair | Photo – Bustle

Don’t Over-Brush

Over-brushing your hair can be damaging to your locks as it can stress the outer-layer of your hair (called the cuticle) and result in dry and dull looking hair. Simply brush your hair thoroughly to remove knots and to distribute any naturally occurring oils.

Don’t Stress About Shedding

Experts believe we lose up to 100 hairs a day—considering we have 100,000 hair follicles in our scalp, losing a few when we brush is not a cause for alarm. Keep in mind that a hair falls out after two to three months and is quickly replaced, so if you notice significant hair loss, it’s best to talk to your doctor.

Wash With Care

It is best if you use warm or cold water to wash your hair as hot water accelerates the damage on the outside of the hair strand.


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