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Six Surprising Uses Of Nail Polish

Who knew nail polish had other uses?

Our classic nail polish is much more important that we imagine, and this is even so in our day to day activities.


Asides applying coating our nails and using it as a band aid, here are some uses of what will soon be your “can’t-do-without” polish:

  1. Apply a little bit of transparent nail polish to seal your envelope.

    Photo credit: Carleyy/Instructables

  2. Apply polish on the shoe rope to prevent it from unravelling.
  3. Costume jewellery has a high possibility of fading. To avoid this, coat your costume jewellery with a transparent nail polish.

    Photo credit: TipHero

  4. Use a nail polish to distinguish between buckets or plastics.
  5. Prevent your bathtub from getting rust rings by coating potential rust products or bathtub with nail polish.

    Photo credit: Musely

  6. Using a coat of polish on your clothing especially tights can prevent it from getting more ripped. Apply a coat on all potential and large runs and leave to dry.

With these, you don’t have to throw your polish away anymore. Just pour a little acrylic nail remover and leave for an hour. There! Your nail polish is as good as new.

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