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Simple Ways To Boost Your Motivation At Work


You settle down to work on your computer with every intention of completing a good percentage of your tasks, suddenly your zeal drops.

According to research, our brains are wired to have two types of motivation: internal (or intrinsic) -motivation to achieve a goal and external (or extrinsic) motivation, which is when we do something to earn a reward or avoid negative feedback.

Each type of motivation is effective if you know how best to tap into both in order to overcome procrastination and be more proactive. To help with that, try out these simple tips:

Don’t over think.

Overthinking only complicates an easy task. When you over think a project you are working on, it creates more stress and pressure and makes you anticipate unlikely problems. Ultimately, it obstructs your motivation.

Research has shown that chronic stress and anxiety can actually shrink your brain. A relaxed mind is better able to focus and solve problems.

To counter a tendency to over think a problem, make sure to keep your goals simple and small.

Overcome mental blocks

Nothing is quite as de-motivating as a mental block that makes your brain feel like it’s been glued. Your creative process feels locked up and nothing seems to work right no matter how much you try. To unstick yourself, start by reasking questions and reframing your perspectives towards work. Take a deep breath and relax.

Counter negative perceptions.

Observe how you feel as you begin a task. If you are already dreading the assignment before it begins, that mindset will only sap your inspiration.

You can change negative perceptions, just as you can train your mind to flush out bad memories. To weaken a pessimistic perception of something, think about the task and bring the memory of doing it into your mind.

Also, tap into your bank of good memories where you were succeeding and accomplishing your goals. By doing this, you can enhance your willingness to begin and accomplish a task.

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