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6 Makeup Tips For The Girl Wearing Contact Lens

Contact lenses have been the new cool for a while now. Not only is there a variety of colours to choose from, but they also give a whole new look to the wearer.

However, some wearers find it difficult to wear makeup because of the fear of eye infections, red and itchy eyes.

Wondering how you can pull it off? These are essential tips to help you:

Before not after!

Asides scratching your lenses, you do not want to use your makeup fingers to touch the contacts. The discomfort from the makeup residue or dirt is better imagined that felt. At the end of the day, remove your contacts before taking off your makeup.

Eyeliner friendly? Hmmm…

Be careful to use liners on the inside of the lash line to avoid infection and the blockage of the tear glands.


Instead of using a powder eyeshadow, opt for a creamy eyeshadow. This is because it is more difficult to control the dust from powder eyeshadows than the creamy eyeshadows. Also, use an eyeshadow primer.


Good ol’ mascaras

For a contact wearer, the clumps from the mascara can stay trapped under the lenses. Nothing to panic about, take the wand and brush from the middle of the lashes to the tip. More so, do not use mascaras with fibres. Opt for traditional lengthening and volumising mascaras.

Brush it up!

Step up your brush game with quality brushes with strong bristles. This reduces the dust of powder from getting into eyes.


It is advisable to get a hypoallergenic liquid foundation as a cream foundation can irritate the eyes. Avoid products containing alcohol, fragrance and lanoline. Also, avoid oil-free products to prevent cloudy lenses.

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