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Soul Nkwobi At LaDamme

As I drove to the venue for The Late Night Soiree (TLNS) on a Wednesday evening, I was more than famished and hoped that they had a good menu for me. I arrived at La Damme, 41 Adebayo Doherty Road with an empty stomach and ready for good music and food.

The host of TLNS suggested I have the nkwobi (cow leg), and it elated me that I will finally try some Nigerian delicacy for this column. The ambience of the lounge puts you in the mood for good music, experiential wallpapers, lush furniture and candles that bring that whole soul vibe together.

I sat at the far edge of the lounge and got a waiter to take my order – nkwobi and a mojito. I am not sure how long it took for my order to come in but I will say it came a little over record time. When the waitress brought my bowl of nkwobi, I was excited to see the size. The reason being that various places on the Island sell nkwobi in tiny portions for a high price. At 2,500, I already felt like I was getting my money’s worth.

Nkwobi(Cow Leg)

The first bite almost deterred me because it was cold but as I dug in, I relished the hot spicy taste that we know nkwobi for. The nkwobi was the perfect food for the vibe session. It was well done, spicy and a generous portion I couldn’t finish it at once.

The mojito was a complete waste of my money. The ice at the top formed a pool that made this cocktail hard to enjoy. As the ice sat at the top, all the other ingredients sat at the bottom and did not even mix well when I stirred. When I drank from the bottom, it was a lot of tastes all at once and so I ended up just drinking just the part with the ice and leaving the drink alone.

However, the mojito did not spoil the great vibe of good music and great nkwobi. Will I be coming to La Damme again? Definitely! This time with more friends and a different choice for drinks.

Price Box
Nkwobi: 2,500
Mojito: 2,500

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