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GL Star Spotlight: Uju Marshall

A gap-toothed beauty with an enviable and undeniable presence in front of the camera, is Uju Marshall Nwobodoh. With multiple campaigns to her name and her stunning features, it is clear why this freelance supermodel is a favorite.

Uuju Marshall - Guardian LifeHello Uju, introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Uju Marshall Nwobodoh, but I easily go by Uju Marshall, Marshall being my dad’s middle name, and I’m from Enugu state.

Tell us briefly, about your journey as a Nigerian model?

Well, it’s been a journey. I started modelling professionally in 2009. Before that, I did a bit of modelling in Enugu after my secondary school. It was nothing serious because fashion wasn’t recognized there as at the time I started. I always knew I wanted more than what the modelling industry in Enugu was offering. I was scouted by Derenle Edun during one of their Soundcity Africa visits and moved to Lagos shortly after that to pursue a professional career in modelling. My first ever show was at the search for the face of JD7, owned by Data Okorodudu, and then I did the Sleek one year anniversary show and the rest of the journey has been a miracle.

The past few years have been quite memorable, from being face of LFDW in 2014 to winning model of the year and most recently being face of Union Bank Ad Campaign. One too many times, people wonder what modeling agency you’re with so tell us.

Yes! It’s been God’s blessing all the way. I don’t know how it happened but it happened just the way it did and I’m grateful. As regards being with an agency, I’m currently not signed to one yet.

Being on the cover of French photo magazine; L’Insense must have been huge for you. How did that happen?

Oh! It was from a shoot I did for one of my favorite photographers Lakin Ogunbanwo. The magazine came across it, fell in love with it and had it up for their magazine cover.

How would you describe being a model in Nigeria?

Being a model in Nigeria is just as tough as it is in other parts of the world. The only difference is that here, people take you for a joke, because they don’t believe modelling could be as serious a profession in comparison to some others. Thankfully, that mindset is fading away and things are changing for the better.Uju Marshall - Guardian Life

If you weren’t a professional model, you would be?

A Geologist maybe. I know there’s really no connection (laughs)

What does the future hold for Uju Marshall, any projects we should know about?

The future holds a lot for me. I’m very hopeful but right now, it’s one step at a time.

Outside modelling, what other sectors are you involved in?

Photography; I’m quite interested in photography.

Advice for upcoming models?

Firstly, I’d like all upcoming models to know that it’s not an easy job filled with as much glamour as the media may put it. It involves a lot of commitment, hardwork and patience. Once you have these qualities, you’re very close to achieving your dreams.

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