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STER Accuses Segalink Of Negotiating “Private Settlement” In D’banj-Seyitan Rape Case

Segun “Segalink” Awosanya | Image:

A non-governmental organisation, Stand To End Rape (STER) has accused a human rights activist Segun Awosanya (Segalink) of attempting to “pervert justice” in the alleged rape case between Seyitan Babatayo and D’banj.

STER in a statement claimed that Awosanya reached out to Seyitan to attend a meeting with D’banj at an address which he had texted to her.

The NGO said Seyitan legal counsel was also scheduled to be in attendance of the supposed meeting aimed at negotiating a private settlement of the case.

STER said that they were also invited to the meeting but declined because “out-of-court settlements go against STER’s policy.”


According to STER, “such settlements, in our experience, often involve an asymmetry of power between the accused and victim.

“More importantly, while private settlements are usual in civil disputes, they are, however, not applicable to criminal cases, particularly where a felony has been alleged to have been committed, only the State has the authority to discontinue a criminal investigation and prosecution.

“An attempt by any private individual(s) to circumvent the authority of the State in criminal investigations may amount to a conspiracy and attempt to pervert justice.”

The NGO, however, said Seyitan informed them on the 13th of July 2020 that a “non-monetary agreement was reached with D’banj’s team.”

But efforts to get Awosanya’s reaction proved abortive as a call and text message sent to him were unreplied at the time of filing this report.

STER’s statement comes three weeks after Awosanya in a series of tweets alleged that Seyitan was under “untold strain” and pressure from e-feminists who were “hoping to push their agenda” through her situation.

“The vicious & hateful approach of some interests (BMC & e-Feminist Coven) on this matter at the expense of Seyitan’s wellbeing must be condemned by All.

“The malicious interest group erroneously believe that Seyitan’s reluctance in taking their orders, was connected to me as proven by their numerous statements via Twitter trolls & ghouls under the pseudonym of e-Feminists (recently re-christened as Feminist Coven).

“The family also reiterated and distanced themselves from the unfounded allegations pushed by those hoping to traffic their agenda through her situation.”

Awosanya also stated that Seyitan and her family were not interested in pursuing the case or a “legal battle”.

“Seyi and her family are not interested in any CASE or legal battle… before the involvement of STER or police,” Awosanya said.

D’banj already instituted a N1.5 billion lawsuit against Seyitan for falsely accusing him of rape.

The rape allegation, D’banj described as “false allegations and lies from the pit of hell.”


D’banj through his lawyer Mike Ozekhome also asked Seyitan to desist posting offensive posts and tweets about the alleged rape incident against the Afro-pop artiste.

Ozekhome  demanded that “the sum of N1,000,000,000.00 (One Billion Million Naim) only” be paid to D’banj which represents “general, damages over the untold embarrassment, derision, public ridicule, odium, obloquy, marital disharmony, mental agony and psychological trauma which the Defendant’s tweets and publications have caused the Claimant.”

Another N500 million was requested by D’banj’s lawyer for “representing aggravated, punitive and exemplary damages” in the allegation against the singer.

The Allegation
In the high-profile rape allegation case which has earned reactions from public figures and social media users alike, Seyitan Babatayo accused D’banj of haven raped her in 2018 in Lagos.

The story of how D’banj raped Seyitan was first relayed in a twitter thread by Seyitan’s friend, Benjamin Ese who said that the singer raped Seyitan at a hotel in December 2018.

She said it happened at an all-white party where Dbanj allegedly offered her friend some money to spend the night which she rejected until the Oliver Twist crooner surprisingly showed up in Seyitan’s hotel room around 2:00 am at midnight.

“Dbanj drove all the way from Eko hotel where he was lodged and came down to glee hotel in Victoria island at midnight 2:40 am and collected the spare key from the receptionist,” Ese said in the thread which has since sparked an outrage.

She said D’banj allegedly “got into my friend’s room and forcefully threatened he would walk her out of the room naked, kept his fingers in her Vagina and repeatedly raped her.”

Seyitan later presented herself as the lady who was allegedly raped by D’banj in December 2018.

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