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Study Shows That Travelling Increases Your Sex Appeal

By Marie – Thérèse Ukpo 29 January 2018   |   1:00 pm

One might wonder what travelling and sex appeal have in common. Think of it: the packing, having either jetlag or fatigue due to the many hours of sitting on a bus and the sweat.

Looking at it beyond just the basics, travelling opens your mind almost the same way a book does, and it doesn’t stop there.

Here are ways travelling makes you sexier.

1. It turns you into a storyteller
Travelling gives you stories and stories are very attractive. The level of attractiveness depends on your stories and how much passion, banter and harmless exaggeration you tell them with. Having travel stories to share will make you more attractive because it gives you depth, which is interesting and sexy. Of course, the more exotic, heart racing and glamorous your experiences are, the better. Needless to say, bragging about your Dubai Mall purchases may be just as attractive as “Lagos traffic is crazy”, and that is not very attractive, is it?

2. It makes you a better person
Exploring the world is one of the most humbling experiences ever. While discovering different cultures, history, natural wonders, cuisine and more, you realise how small you are in a huge world. This appreciation for life comes with contagious positivity which is a very attractive trait. This is why most travellers are less ignorant, more tolerant and more aware than everyone else.

3. It makes you more physically attractive
This extra attractiveness doesn’t just involve suntans from chilling on sunbeds or toned bodies from hikes. It’s a glow from being a mentally and spiritually fulfilled person who has just had an unforgettable experience at an unforgettable destination, and scars of physical harm as a result of thrilling adventure or activity.

4. It exposes you to foreign languages
It’s common knowledge that foreign languages are one of the most effective aphrodisiacs known to mankind. Don’t believe me? Place an order in French with perfect diction and the least amount of pretentiousness on your Valentine’s Day date and see what happens. Travelling for a few months to a year to learn or perfect a language will score you major points as will picking up words and phrases during your travels.


5. Travel stories encourage people to dream
One of the reasons why people love travel stories told in any form is because they inspire them to travel and have similar experiences. There is nothing much more attractive than someone whose life inspires you to seek adventure and broaden your horizons.

6. It gives you that “Je ne sais quoi”
They’re mysterious, intriguing, dangerous, wise, entertaining and oddly relatable. A combination of all the traits mentioned above gives travellers that certain something you can’t quite put your finger on.
Literally, “Je ne sais quoi” means “I do not know” in French, but it is figuratively a euphemism to express a pleasant or desirable trait about something or someone that can’t be described.

If you make a conscious decision to become a traveller so you can impress people with your newfound je ne sais quoi, chances are your plan will backfire. You’d also appear more obnoxious than anything else. Travel for once in a lifetime experience and the rest will fall into place!

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