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6 Tips For Better Makeup In Hot Climate

As we go deeper into the year, the weather gets hotter without a care for our makeup. Girls just want to wear makeup, but we definitely do not want our makeup looking like a hot mess because of the heat. So, I have put together a few tips which are completely based on my personal experience.

Light Weight Foundation


As much as we all want to just slap on that full coverage foundation and look flawless, it is important to know that there is a season for everything. A little goes a long way when it comes to looking fresh during the heat, so using a light weight water based foundation, BB cream or a tinted moisturizer would make your skin look natural and radiant. Worried about your dark spots? Just dab on some concealer on those spots, blend it out with a sponge and you are good to go! A good light weight foundation is the Cover Girl Queen Collection Oil-Free Moisturizing Makeup.

Use a Mattifying Primer



A primer makes your makeup last a lot longer than it usually would. A mattifying primer specifically keeps your face makeup matte for as long as possible. It reduces and controls the oil on your face, therefore increasing the chances of your makeup lasting. A good mattifying primer is the Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming  Perfector. Invest in a good primer and thank me later!

Always Have Oil Blotting Sheets

The oil blotting sheets are made for oily skin. Some days, your face may be matte and perfect but your nose decides to shine brighter than a diamond, then you know you need oil blotting sheets. I recommend using these instead of powdering your face several times in the day. This is because sometimes, continuous application of powder on the face could make you look very cakey and a large amount of powder can also make the face look patchy and uneven. To avoid these mishaps, the oil blotting sheets have come to save the day. A good oil blotting sheet is the Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets.

Avoid Glossy Lips


I absolutely love glossy lips. They’re attractive and make your lips look a little plumper and bigger. As pretty as lip glosses may be, they do not look so attractive in this weather. This is because you need to reduce the oily and sweaty look you get during the hot weather, so using lip gloss would make you look a lot oilier. Instead of a lip gloss, opt for a matte lipstick like Mac Ruby Woo to give you both a sexy and appealing look.

Makeup Setting Spray


As a makeup artist and a beauty blogger who has tried out a lot of makeup products, I can say a setting spray is definitely worth your money. It is basically a primer but instead of putting it before your makeup, you put it after applying your makeup. What it does is that it sets, locks and seals your makeup to make it last longer. Even when you sweat, your makeup is guaranteed to stay put (if you have a good setting spray). When testing a setting spray, I usually pour a bowl of water on my face after using the setting spray on a full face of makeup, and then watch if my makeup stays the same. A good and affordable setting spray is the Hard Candy fast and fabulous setting spray.

Also ensure the setting sprays you use during the hot weather has a matte finish.

Avoid the Dewy Look


We all like the dewy makeup look, but in times of extreme heat, the dewy makeup look is counterproductive. Why? Because it makes you look dewy and therefore a bit shiny. Meaning you are already shining before you enter the 33 degree C hot weather!

So basically, reduce the use of highlighters and illuminators which are used to highlight features of the face and help create the dewy look. Also, avoid using setting sprays that give a dewy/shiny finish.


Maranatha Egure

Beauty blogger, beauty consultant and Makeup Artist

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