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7 Ways To Organize Your Wardrobe

Are you a working class lady who suffers from wardrobe anxiety? Do you often find yourself searching for a particular top or piece of jewellery in your closet but end up just replacing it? For some people, the hardest part about having to go to work in the morning is figuring out what to wear.

When this starts to happen more than you’re willing to put up with, it’s a sign that it’s time to reorganise your wardrobe. I know it seems like a lot of stress, but it really doesn’t have to be.

A Few Ways You Can Easily Reorganize Your Wardrobe

  1. Invest in Hangers.

Hangers are actually one of the most useful things ever invented. You can use them to hang your dresses, tops, bottoms, scarves, jewellery, and even shoes. If your wardrobe or closet is big enough, you could actually just have everything you own hanging in there and not have to worry about rummaging through layers of folded clothes when you’re trying to find something. Just be sure to buy quality hangers and several types to suit the various things you want to hang up.

  1. Work With Groups

Divide your wardrobe using shelf dividers, drawers and baskets and assign each space to a specific group of items. You can group your things into categories depending on their functionality – office wear, casual wear – or what type of clothing it is – tops, office blouses, bottoms, etc. It’ll make it easier to find something if you know what you’re looking for.

  1. Store Smaller Items In Drawers

You know how frustrating it gets looking for one half of your pair of socks? Organizing your wardrobe will save you the mini tantrum of looking for a scarf of handkerchief or that elusive sock. Have drawers built into your wardrobe so you can simply store smaller items in there.

  1. Colour Code for Easier Location

This is my personal favourite method of wardrobe organization. Not only because I have an affinity for colour coordination, but because it makes things a lot easier to find and helps with picking out outfits. If I know a pink blouse will look great with the skirt I’m wearing, I simply have to go to the pink section of my wardrobe. You’ll also be able to figure out what colours and prints you need more instead of constantly buying the same thing.

  1. Show Off Your Jewellery

If you’re into wearing jewellery, then you know the struggle of detangling necklaces, and looking for earring hooks. You can solve this issue to leaving your jewellery out on display instead of stuffing them into a section of your wardrobe. You can make jewellery hangers yourself, or order organizers online.

  1. Give Your Bags Some Space

Storing your bags and purses in your wardrobe tends to take up a lot of space. An easy way to get it a little bit under control is to have a dedicated section of the wardrobe specifically for bags – usually the top or bottom. Or, alternatively, you can have a separate closet made for them.

  1. Make The Space Brighter

Sometimes, all we need is to be able to see everything in our closet space a little more clearly. Having a clean and organized wardrobe is no good if you can’t even see what you’re looking through. You can have an electrician install lights in your wardrobe. You’ll see how much easier it’ll be to locate stuff, even in the back of your drawers.

Funny enough, having an organized wardrobe can have a very noticeable effect on our mood. If you don’t feel stressed getting dressed in the morning, chances are you’ll probably be in a good mood for a large art of the day.

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