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DIY Thursday: 3 Things You Can Make Out Of An Old Tee

Do It Yourself is probably one of the best things you can add to your list of skills. Why?

– It is a form of recycling in it’s own way.

– It brings about unique patterns.

– It enhances creativity

Today we would show you three things you can make out  of an old t-shirt. That’s right, do not throw your t-shirt away. It can become any of the pretty things we have below.

1. Bracelets

Bracelets are always trendy, there is no shaking them off. It is the perfect complement for your right hand while your left is busy with the wrist watch. Now get a pair of old tee and some old bangle bracelets. Cut t-shirt in 1/2″ to 1″ wide strips. Depending on the thickness of the bangle – a thick bracelet would obviously need thicker strips. Loosely tie one end of the t-shirt strip to the bangle and start wrapping fabric around bracelet – the tighter the better. Wrap fabric all the way around until you meet the first knot – untie the knot and tie both ends together to close. Make a double knot, pull it tight and make sure the knot is positioned on the inside of the bracelet. Trim ends with scissors. You can also use glue to secure ends if you prefer them to scissors. The end.


2. Scarves

It’s still raining n this part of the Earth and sometimes you just need a scarf to keep you warm. You don’t need to stress yourself in getting a new one if you have an old t-shirt. Ready to have an infinity scarf? Cut the seam off the bottom of the shirt. Take the cut-off bottom half of the shirt and stretch the loop out as much as you can. Loop it around the bottom of your foot and pull up to get a good stretch. Now you have an infinity scarf. Wear it looped a couple times around your neck, or make another scarf from a T-shirt in a different color and wear them together. Taadaaaaa!!!


3. Knotted Head Bands

Time to look pretty again. First, you are going to lay your t-shirt out flat. Do not forget to cut the hem off. Now, you are going to cut as many 1/2 inch strips as you want. The more strips, the thicker the knot will be and will stand out better. Make sure you cut in even numbers. Pull the strips tight, this will make them roll up.Take one strip and cross it right over left, take the other strip and lay it right on top in the shape of a U. Take the right side of the U and put it under the right end of the loop, do the same to the left side. Take the right side of the U and put it under the left side of the U and pull it over the top of the loop. Now you should have two end sticking out the top and two at the bottom. Pull the top end and the bottom ends away from each other and the knot will form. You can make it as loose or tight as you want Stretch them out so they can be of equal length. Cut a small strand from the sleeve of your t-shirt and bring all the loops together. Tie the small strand around the loops and make them into a circle Double knot and pull tight.


Get some old tees this weekend that you would have thrown away or turned to rag and get busy this weekend.



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